Iperius Backup: a powerful backup program with a very affordable price

Iperius backup provides a fastest way to backup data; it is lightweight and available in affordable budget. The software comes with quite powerful features that include incremental backup and restore for HyperV, backup to NAS/ RDX, backup to Tape LTO, VMWareESXi Virtual Machines, etc. 

In addition, the software allows backup FTP and Cloud including Amazon S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, Azure Storage and Dropbox. Talking about database backup options, the tool enables backup SQL Server, Postgre SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB as well as Exchange Database. 


iperius backup software

So, let take a quick look on some of the pros that the software delivers. Undoubtedly, it incorporates almost everything that you ask for while looking for Free backup software. Iperius has also commercial versions with exclusive range of features With exclusive range of features, it makes the task quite straightforward. You are not only provided with the option to backup data locally, but you can select backing up from HyperV, ESXi(even Free), FTP and Microsoft Exchange. Not just that, you can backup to Cloud drive through FTP, a local disk, external drive, or a tape backup without any limitations.

The backup program brings along several advanced options that includes customized backup options while backing up data from Oracle or SQL Server.

 Exclude/Include System Files:
The program allows you to control and manage the logs as well as you can select the event triggers for notifications in case anything adverse takes place. In just a few mouse clicks, you can select to include or exclude the system files for backup.

 Consumes Minimal Resources:

iperius backup software

As far as the efficiency is concerned, the software consumes a little to no system resources while executing real time backup activities that run 24/7.Incremental backup, file revision history, file compression, full backups are some of the significant features on offer. 

  Precise Error Logs:
In case, something went wrong, the program will display a very clear and precise error log that will specifically tell the user about the inconsistencies such as what is the actual error and what files needs re-backup. This saves time and efforts as exactly what is missed can be backed up the very next moment.


Though the tool provides a wide range of backup options, the user sometimes find it complex to do exactly what is required. Beginners may find it quite difficult to operate the tool due to the multifaceted features being incorporated within. And yet, availability of exclusive backup features can be a positive attribute for some, others may find it complicated.

To sum up, Iperius Backup is comprehensive backup software that comes with many significant features and that at a very affordable price. ‘Free Download’ enable testing the features and functional aspects without investing in the software. 
Overall, the user rating for the tool stands 4.7/5.

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