Backup Everything - Hands on Review

Backup Everything - Hands on Review
A Glimpse to Backup Everything Online Tool: Backup Everything is an online backup and restore utility available in different user versions including Backup Everything Pro and Backup Everything Lite. The Pro version is developed for Servers and is supported over Mac OS X, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux, Ubuntu and Synology. Lite version is developed for Soho users to securely backup data from Windows and Mac computers, laptops and smartphones.

The tool allows on-premises and Cloud backup facility. Let’s start with the download procedure. This review is dedicated to the Backup and Restore module of the Backup Everything Lite version- the best that a single user can do with this utility.

Download and Installation:
Backup Everything Lite is downloaded and installed on Windows 10 machine HP Notebook with Intel Core i5, 2.3 GHz processor and 4GB internal memory.

To download the tool, click on Download (Online) button available in the right pane. You can see the .exe file downloading to the machine. Next, click on the .exe file to begin the download and installation procedure. On successful installation, the set-up wizard asks to launch Backup Everything Lite. Click on the associated checkbox to launch the tool.

Though the internet bandwidth was good at the time of downloading the tool, the download time is quite noticeable.

Once Backup Everything is installed on the machine, it asks to enter login details with Username, Email and Password credentials. User will need to remember the password or the encryption key as it will be required to perform the restore task.

Functionality of Backup Everything Lite 
The initial window of the tool is user-centric and displays different options including Backup, Backup Sets, Report, Restore, Settings and Utilities tabs.
The overall backup procedure is quite simple with self-explanatory steps. No complexities have been noticed during the entire functional procedure. The backup files are stored at the user defined location- either Cloud or local storage media.

Outlook & Appearance
Backup Everything is designed considering end users with different levels of technical expertise and understanding. No technical guidance is required to operate the tool as the backup procedure is quite smooth and flexible. To my understanding, user centric interface may be the reason behind its popularity.

However, the developers of the tool must work on making it more efficient. Though, the functionality parameters are up to the point, I find the performance quite sluggish when it comes to speed, but it hardly makes difference when such an effective utility is available for multi-functional use.

Additional Benefits Offered
The backup and restore utility provides the option to save the backup set on either the Cloud or locally. The users can provide the storage location and select to save the backup on external media such as removable hard drive, USB, flash drive, etc. 

  •         Online Storage

Storage to Cloud media plays a vital role here as this gives user a flexibility to restore backup set while on-the-go. Regardless of the location, users can select to restore backup on any machine using the username and password credentials.

  •        All in One Tool

Backup Everything Lite works towards backing up all types of data formats. The point worth mentioning is its Restore feature as it makes the tool quite a scalable utility. Also, the tool can be considered as a value for money solution as the user does not have to invest in backup restore apps separately- since the tool does it all.

  •      Selective Recovery of Files

On selecting a folder from the storage media, the user can pick the selected files by checking the corresponding checkboxes. This saves time and maintains the backup file size limitation as no surplus backup is created occupying additional space on storage media.

Final Verdict 
At last, it can be concluded that Backup Everything is an efficient backup and restore utility that allows business organizations and solo users to create backup of their file and restore in the event of crisis or whenever required. The best trait is the online backup and restoration function available in one single utility.

Based on functional procedure, graphical user interface and additional benefits of the Backup Everything tool, user rating stands 4.8 on the scale of 5 (4.8/5). 
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