Top 5 Free Apps For Composing Music

Predominantly there are so many music composing apps are there in the market through which you can compose the music with full of utility. Through the usage of apps, a user can compose the  music very easily. You can easily download the desired apps to download the app for PC and Mac. The user with the interest of composing the music can create the music with the help of the tool.  Let us see the amazing apps (Free + Paid) which are used to create the music:

1) Mixcraft 7 (Paid):


Basically this app consist of huge library which makes the easier way for the users to create its own music. Its user friendly feature makes its easy for the user to create his own music. The long list of plugins with effects makes it simply different among others. The user can easily mix the music with tons of instruments and sound effects.

2) Garageband (Free):


Garageband, developed by Apple, is an awesome app to record and create music compositions easily and effectively. The most fabulous free app is developed by Apple and gives you many options to edit music , add effects, audio recording, mix rhythms etc. One can easily install Garageband for PC or Mac easily and enjoy composing the music. The sperb Guitar featues, Music lessons, musical instruments of this app makes it an astounding app among others.

3) LMMS (Free):


LMMS is basically a free app which consist of user friendly interface through which the user can easily mix music, sequence music etc. Also this app consist of FL studio through which one can reliably produce the own music. The user friendly interface can simply compose the music, songs etc. Also you can use different variety of musical intruments with the several effects to generate music compositions.

4) FL Studio 12 (Paid):

This popular software consist of amazing user interface with the added features. You can use it easily for free but to upgrade it to use the extra ordinary features you need to purchase the paid version. Its multi touch functionality is available with lots of amazing features to compose the music efficiently.

5) Reaper (Paid)


Being a great app to create the music, it can be easily downloaded. This app is also the best among the other apps. With the help of this app, one can easily edit the audio, can able to add effects in it and can also use several instruments as well. There are so many other features which will help the user to create or edit the music as well.

Therefore, if you really want to  create your own music composition or you want to edit any music audio that you liked it, you can do it easily with the help of these amazing 5 apps listed above.

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