Tech for a Living: Top 4 Degrees for Careers in Technology

If you have recently begun exploring your options for a bachelor's or master's degree in technology, you are going to want a major that helps you land the perfect job as soon as you graduate. Here is a closer look at some of the top programs and specializations for students who want to carry over their love of technology into a promising career.

1. Software Engineering
There are few tech degrees that are as profitable and lucrative as a software engineering degree. Students who graduate with one of these coveted degrees are sought out by some of the largest companies in the world to help them develop customized programs. Some software engineers are enjoying six-figure salaries after just a few years of being hired into organizations such as NASA, Apple, and Microsoft.

2. Web Development and Administration
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 28,000 new web development jobs will be created in the next six years. While many of these jobs can be found at web development firms, quite a few companies are now hiring full-time web developers to help expand their web presence. A degree in this field will involve courses that teach you about database administration, systems analysis, and even graphic design. This is a great degree for tech-savvy students who are not interested in mathematics and programming.

3. Information Security & Assurance
Cyber crimes continue to take place at an alarming rate, and that is why the field of cyber security has exploded in recent years. A huge volume of private information can now be found on cloud servers from around the world, and information security specialists are the first line of defense against criminals who want to steal this information. Information assurance degrees also teach students about the techniques that are used in cases involving digital crimes.

4. Engineering Management
This unique degree is a great option for professionals who would like to focus on the business aspect of technology. Engineering management courses typically require a bachelor's degree in technology, but the master's program will transition over to the commercial side of things. Much like an MBA, students will be able to explore career options such as technology production and design engineering.

These four degrees will not only provide you with a variety of marketable skills, but they will also change the way you look at the world of technology

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