Nerd Science: Why you Should get a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering

While nerds were once shunned, our current technological era has proven that we need them more than ever, and this is not going to change. If you have an interest in math or science, your future looks bright! Just consider an MS in electrical engineering.


There are plenty of reason's to study electrical engineering, especially if you're going to put in the time to get your Master's Degree. It opens up more opportunities than simply having your Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.

An Advanced Degree Allows You to Design

If you want more than just a job where you maintain projects, then consider getting your master's of science in electrical engineering. This is a requirement for most jobs if you want to have the opportunities -- and responsibilities -- that allow you to design your own electrical systems. An advanced degree goes far if you want to work on new things and change the world!

Your Company Might Pay for It

If you already have a BS in electrical engineering and have landed a stable job, you might be able to work your way up in the company without out-of-pocket costs if your company will pay for it.

You Can Work Overseas

Your job hunt might reveal that a number of companies employ electrical engineers overseas. So you'll get to travel the world, experience new cultures, increase your network and learn a new language, among other perks of obtaining an awesome job in the field thanks to your degree.

The Industry Is Ever-Changing

If you already have a BS in engineering, now might be the perfect time to go back to school to further your degree. Electronics are changing at lightning speed, so continuing your education might be eye-opening. But this also means that jobs in this field will remain plentiful -- as long as your knowledge is current. Getting your Master's Degree, then, makes the most sense.

Nerds Rule the World

Don't think that your electrical engineering degree limits you to the bottom rung of the ladder. In fact, the opposite is true! Engineers are increasingly moving up the corporate ladder thanks to their ingenuity and hard work. One notable example is Satya Nadella, who became CEO of Microsoft in 2014. And Amazon found Jeff Bezos has done more than make a living with his focus in electrical engineering!

Whether you come into an established company or help build a new one, your electrical engineering degree can prove invaluable.

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