Technology Management: 5 Website Innovations Your Company Needs

With more people conducting business online, it's no wonder companies are scrambling to keep up with the latest technological innovations. With online purchases increasing by 23 percent within the past year, it's crucial to keep websites fresh and interesting. While there are many ways to do so, here are five of the most important website innovations needed for success.

Responsive Design

Now seen as the standard architecture for websites, responsive design refers to a company's website increasing or decreasing in size depending upon the device on which it's being viewed. With more and more online activity taking place on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, it's imperative to have a mobile-friendly website. Having at least some experience with digital media can be great for not only your site, but your business as well. It is amazing how much of a difference it can make.

User Metrics
In order to grow a business online, it's vital to know how those who visit the website behave while they are there. This is where analytics and metrics come into play, letting a business owner gain access to detailed facts and figures about user behavior and tendencies. By reviewing this monthly, more effective websites can be created.

A Concise Message
The best websites tend to keep it simple for their customers, which is known as concise messaging. Rather than having long blocks of text that seem to go on forever, great websites use big type and get to the point quickly and easily. As most successful companies know, if they can help a customer get what they want as easily as possible, chances are they will have a repeat customer for many years to come.

Keep it Fresh
Perhaps more than anything, websites must have fresh content on a regular basis. As anyone who has an MBA in Technology knows, combining fresh content with the latest innovations is often the key to long-term success. Just like stores used to change their displays on a regular basis, websites should update their content as well. By putting new deals, sales, or other information on the site, plus giving visitors the ability to share your site through social media, you'll be guaranteed to see extraordinary results.

Layered Landings
To have the most effective website possible, a company must have layered landing pages. Designed to get visitors onto more and more sections of a site, these are often the key to increasing sales and sustaining them over the long-term.

By implementing these innovations into a website, there's little doubt a company will be able to stay ahead of the latest trends and beat the competition each and every time.

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