How the Industry is Changing for Technology Graduates

The field of information technology (IT) is one of the fastest growing job markets and spans across a wide range of industries. Graduating in this field is an excellent choice as it offers quite a bit of career flexibility and security. Here are four ways the industry is changing, and what is being offered to new graduates as they enter the workforce. 

Expanding Career Options

Regardless of the type of technology studied, students will use information technology (IT) to store, create, exchange, and analyze data. Those who graduate with a technology degree aren’t limited to computer-based companies, but may find work in software development, health care organizations, and even international corporations. Other industries include manufacturing, government, and financial services. Since every organization relies on an IT support staff, and tech graduates can find work with this kind of degree almost anywhere.

Diversity Changes

The technology industry has historically been dominated by white males, but these demographics are quickly changing as well. For instance, the IT industry is becoming more welcoming and supportive to female technology graduates. Business decision makers realize women bring unique skills and ideas to technical jobs, and many managers find women tend to be more organized and methodical, and excel at planning projects and analyzing tasks. Other studies have noted that women tend to check their work more carefully than males, which can often result in fewer mistakes. When it comes to the IT world, having greater attention to detail with strong relationship skills is equally important as technical training.

As information technology becomes more integrated into engineering fields, tech students are choosing to become engineers. These traditional majors usually focus on civil, electrical, mechanical, and architectural engineering. However, marine, biomedical, aerospace, and environmental engineering are becoming equally popular. Engineering graduates may also go on to become manufacturing engineers and work on improving production design, control, and packaging. Some even become marine engineers and work exclusively on ships and marine facilities. Because engineering is central to economic growth, there will always be plenty of opportunities for tech savvy students.

Health Care Opportunities
Not everyone that works in the field of health care interacts with patients and the public. There are many exciting careers available in emerging health care fields, such as clinical informatics. This unique job requires knowledge of IT, databases, and health care practices. Clinical informatics technicians collect a variety of health care data streams in order to improve patient safety, quality of care, and operational processing. Health care applications analysts review collected data in order to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement between patients and health care providers. Online RHIA programs to become registered health information technicians are a good choice for anyone who wants to work in IT and still interact on a healthcare level.

Information technology is driving changes in society and businesses, so there will soon be even more career options available. With the examples listed above as well, many new tech graduates are able to expand their focus and find work wherever they choose to go.

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