Disk Partition Management with AOMEI Partition Assistant

As Partition Magic alternative, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is a FREE ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and disk management utility. It allows you to extend partition (especially for system drive), manage disk space safely and easily, and settle low disk space problem on both MBR and GPT disk. It even performs much better than those paid software. Use this free partition manager surely would not disappoint.

Main Features of AOMEI Partition Assistant


There are many things you can do with the AOMEI Partition Assistant. You will find all of the necessary options on Aomei Partition Assistant dashboard. Its interface is quite simple, easy and user-friendly. AOMEI Partition Assistant is handy software which gives all the important features to manage windows partition easily without losing any data. It is the best solution for you to create, delete, resize, move, merge, split, wipe or format partitions. This way, you can maximize your hard drives to its fullest.

Besides, being able to convert from MBR to GPT disk, and convert GPT to MBR disk without data loss is also an extremely crucial feature.

There is also a feature that you really don’t expect from a free partition solution that is, you can create a WinPE rescue disk that you can use to boot up a computer that can’t be turned on.

What’s more, another awesome feature I want to mention is “Migrate OS to SSD”. If you have a new Hard Disk or SSD and want to transfer your current OS to there, you can easily do it by this option.

AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.0 new features

  • Enhanced GPT to MBR disk conversion: support to convert a GPT disk that has more than 4 partitions to MBR disk.
  • Fully clone system disk between MBR and GPT partition styles and ensure system is able to boot from destination disk (e.g. clone system disk from GPT to MBR, MBR to GPT, GPT to GPT, MBR to MBR).
  • Enhanced the ability of Windows PE bootable disc to recognize devices: automatically integrate existing hardware drivers of current system into Windows PE when creating it.
  • Added an option to manually add hardware drivers into Windows PE bootable disc when creating it.
  • Added an option to choose "Quick Partition" when right click on a disk so that make "Quick Partition" easy to use.
  • Added a function to check the charge of a laptop before disk partitioning to prevent abnormal shutdown.

Besides all features mentioned above, there are plenty of other operations that you can perform on your hard disks without the fear of losing data – though I would recommend you to back up data just in case you get unlucky. AOMEI have their own free backup software, AOMEI Backuper Standard, but you can use anything you like to back up the data on partitions before performing any operations on them. It is just to make sure the data stays with you in case of any problem. AOMEI Partition Assistant embeds sector-level data protection technology, and strictly tested by their R&D team, to realize more safely partitioning operations as you expected.

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