5 Social media marketing tools to increase your productivity in 2016

The ever increasing opportunity with social media is matched by only one thing- the demands of the social media itself. Hence, it is really important to ensure that the productivity on social media is optimized. Only with high productivity you could aspire to stay ahead of competition. Following are 5 essential tools to do so: -

1. Social media relationship manager: - If you want to build effective and efficient relationship with your social media connections, you need to do more than merely communicating with them. And there is no dearth of tools that can do it for you. There are several social CRM that are available for this role. Some examples would include Nimble, Batchbook, Lithium Social Customer Suite (and there are many more).

2. Mobile update on the go: - With the online dynamics in its current state, it is a common scenario that there is no fixed hour for interaction and marketing plan implementation. So what happens when you are on the go and you require to take prompt action on something? Or even better, you draw inspiration from something you see on the way home for your next brilliant marketing campaign and want to implement it immediately- what would you do? The simplest solution is to utilize tools for social media from a smart device like a smartphone or a tablet.  There are applications like Glyder to manage such inspirations. And if you want relevant content search to match your inspiration in life, you could always use tools like Google Current or Flipboard.

3. Pinterest manager: - One of the major areas to impress your audience would be managing Pinterest better. And there are several tools that help you do it in different ways. There are advanced tools like Tailwind which provide with complete management options. In addition to the standard functions that might be common to few other tools, it provides with additional options such as analysis on your chosen competitor accounts, which images are trending and so on. And then there are tools like Pingroupie and Pinvolve that help you grow your audience in an effective manner. And if you are looking to enhance your audience by connecting with popular and huge Pinterest accounts, there are options like Loop88 that do exactly this for you.

4. Social influencer discoverer: - A social media engagement without social influencers on your side is pretty much like an army without its general. For key directional influence on your audience you would always require social influencers on your side. While you may choose to have your own strategy for this purpose, it is always faster and more impactful to utilize a few handy tools for the same. There are dedicated tools for this purpose such as Klout; though launched a while back, it is still really effective. Then there are specific tools like Hey Press to find influential journalists in online media. And there are more tools like Foolwerwonk and Inkybee that cater to different modes of your influencer requirements.

5. Use a great scheduler: -And since the social media is always buzzing, one thing no one can do without is a tool that schedules your social media activity in order to manage all needs. Some of these tools actually work on multiple platforms which is a great boost. So there is Postcron which is great for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and then there is Sprout Social which, in addition to the previously mentioned 3 platforms, helps you post on Linkedin too. The key is to figure out your specific requirements and opt for a useful tool accordingly.

There is always a band of new tools coming up with new features. In order to the 5 kinds of segments mentioned above, you could always get to know about something new and effective for your purpose, such is the dynamism of social media! It is important to know your requirement and form alliance with good strategic partners in execution such as Nuanced Media . A great partner in crime ensures a successful heist, always!

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