Things to Know About Current Cybersecurity Trends

Things to Know About Current Cybersecurity Trends
The average cost of a single data breach is almost $4 million, and many security specialists expect that figure to grow in the coming years. For IT professionals who are on the front line of this digital war, here is a look at some trends to keep an eye on in 2016.

The Rise of Spear Phishing
Attacking well-guarded companies with brute force software is not the most efficient way to gain access to sensitive data. Instead, many criminals are now targeting high-level employees with sophisticated phishing attacks. By gathering information on these execs, criminals will essentially have a master key to all of the company's data. In addition to employee training programs, your company should also invest in real-time scanning and monitoring software.

Ransomware Is Back

Ransomware is a form of malware that locks down a computer or system until money is paid to the distributor. This type of malware is generally sent through fake emails or hidden in software that looks legitimate. Unfortunately, many people find it easier to simply pay the money than to reset and wipe their entire system. Having an Ottawa IT services professional assess your network security for any vulnerabilities is one of the best ways to keep your network safe from these malicious cyber-attacks.

Vulnerabilities in Cloud Services
Practically every company is going to migrate at least some of its data over to cloud servers, and this opens the door to a number of new risks. Before choosing a cloud service provider, IT professionals must carefully scrutinize every aspect of the service they’re entrusting their data to. This includes information such as where the servers are physically located, what form of security they use, and what their guarantees are. Employees must also be given specific security protocols to follow whenever they access those servers.

Cyber Threats and the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is quickly changing the way we interact with the world around us. While new devices and technology are making us more connected than ever, the IoT is also exposing us to some serious risks. Until we fully understand exactly how this new technology is going to affect our daily lives, IT departments should err on the side of caution. This includes blocking sensitive data from wearable and mobile devices when necessary.

Final Thoughts
It may seem like there are risks around every corner, but many of these issues can be completely avoided with the proper diligence. There is no way to avoid 100 percent of cyber risks, but keeping an eye on current trends will help IT professionals stay ahead of the game.
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Technology Updates all Aspiring Businesses Should Make

Technology Updates all Aspiring Businesses Should Make
As your business grows, it often becomes worth revisiting the technology choices you made early on since upgrades and updates can often lead to greater productivity and profits. Regardless of your current tech situation, there is always room for improvement and a chance to give your company a technological edge. Here are a few updates to consider when assessing your business's technology.

Move Software to the Cloud
Cloud software vendors can provide you with essential business technology at lower costs by removing or reducing the need for you to manage hardware and software updates. Some areas to look at include customer relationship management software, email, and accounting. The cloud can often offer you all the features you need and additional features through integrations that will make your business run more smoothly and from more remote locations.

Hardware Updates & Fixes

If your computer makes a weird sound when you boot up or your intercom system is on the fritz, then consider getting your hardware updated or repaired. You might take it for granted, but little issues with your machines can lead to bigger tech problems down the road while repairs can be fairly cheap.
If you are in manufacturing or printing, then schedule maintenance to make sure all your machines work right. If you're seeing strange error messages or quirky behavior from some office machinery, then have someone look at it. In many cases, Streamline Circuits say slight adjustments and advanced circuit boards can get you several more years of good use from existing equipment.

Project & Team Communication Tools
As your business grows, it becomes harder and more time-consuming to communicate, find information, and share files with your team. Tools like Slack or HipChat can make it easier to communicate by giving you cross-device chatting and online meeting capabilities, better document search, and the ability to share files without using a separate file sharing app.
Update Your Operating Systems
If you're a couple of versions behind on Windows or OS, then you are leaving yourself open to hackers and probably missing out on software improvements that make work easier. Consider updating all your computers to the latest version of your preferred operating system. If new software licenses aren't in your budget, then at least take the time to get all the latest updates and security patches installed.

Final Thoughts
What works for a two-person company won't scale for a two hundred person company. You might be wary of changing your technology, but remember that it’s about preparing for the future. If you want to be bigger, faster, or more profitable, then you'll need to update your technology to match your aspirations.
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