How to Bring your Business into the Mobile Age?

How to Bring your Business into the Mobile Age?
The mobile app is the latest tool for building brand awareness and garnering market shares for your business. Developing one that represents the company website with the same agility and responsiveness is an indicator of success. Once a successful launch is completed, strategies are needed to continue the mission of bringing a business into the mobile age. Here are six tips that will establish a mobile presence on every device.

Design a Cutting-Edge App
The first step to tackling this objective is partnering with an IT service or IT support service in Ottawa that has expertise with the latest techniques in digital media. Follow this strategy by looking at pricing, on-going services, and available support. Research several firms and scrutinize their case studies and testimonials. Since this is a competitive space, begin with those that offer free consultations.

Business Card Facelift
Re-tooling the customary business card offers a fresh approach to a mainstay resource. Start by adding the addresses to social media accounts to showcase the savvy 21st century trend. During the app process, secure QR scans and barcodes to include that do the work for consumers. This will come in handy with future marketing campaigns.

Review your Internet Presence
Most forward-thinking companies have an extensive internet presence. This will include an account with the largest social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is the quickest and most efficient way to get the word out about a new product and service. Once the accounts are established, monitoring and managing them is essential. Use this as a free marketing resource with the option to buy advertising at pennies on the dollar, compared to traditional outlets.

Produce Mobile Specific Marketing Campaigns
Data is growing that suggests the majority of consumers get their information from smartphones, tablets, and now, watches. To capitalize on this trend, marketing campaigns should be created that cater to this behavior. For example, offer coupons and other deals that are only accessible on the mobile app. Use this to drive website traffic and as an extension to CRM software by gathering information from pop surveys or on-line contests.

Use Digital Media
Videos are by far the biggest catalyst for raising brand visibility. Going viral is not just a buzz phrase, but the definition of being relevant in the consumer space. Displaying aesthetically pleasing snippets on apps that result in clicks and conversions increase sales and revenue. Brand jingles, mascots, and slogans do well on this platform and have the potential to become ringtones and screen savers.

Create a partnership with an IT company for the long-term. The ROI will pay dividends with each passing quarter. Brands that are cognizant about the power of the mobile age will cultivate this new resource. The rationale is this is where the consumers congregate.
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