11 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

WordPress websites are the most popular blogging and CMS accounting over 23% of all the sites on the internet so it has always been more appealing to intruders. The number of hacked WordPress websites is growing every year where the majority of hackers is using server to send spam mails.


It is worth your time to avoid the basic mistakes to protect your website from becoming the most targeted place for spammers. Employ the suitable controls and follow the best tips to keep your site threats and bugs free:

1. Update plugins and themes as much as you can
Update your plugins consistently. The more old your plugins the more vulnerable they are to exploit. Each plugins and themes installed are important for your websites so it is better to get all the threats and viruses fixed by constant updating.

2. Back up your website
It is better to keep the backup of your website so if your site gets hacked then you can simply restart your security, change passwords and can re-upload all the required data within one day.

3. Delete plugins and themes you are not using
More plugins and themes means less security. Delete plugins or themes you are not using and get rid of hacking tension. Plugins deactivation is not just enough, you must delete them.

4. Download from familiar sources
Always download plugins and themes from well known sources. WordPress.org is the most preferable website for downloading plugins and themes as there they are already scanned before being admissible to theme or plugin directory.

5. Keep your computer free from viruses and malware
It is necessary to have an up-to-date antivirus program installed in your computer to protect WordPress websites and to avoid access by the potential attacker of all the login details.

6. Set a strong password for gaining full privacy
Always set a  very strong password for your admin login details so that it cannot be easily guessed by the intruder, so it is better to use a whole sentence for easy remembrance.

7. WordPress regular update/Frequently update your WordPress
Sticking to the older versions of WordPress will increase the chances of hackers to break into your website, so regularly update your website and make it less visible to hackers.

8. Protect WordPress admin access
While installing a new WordPress site, you will be asked for a username during the installation process. Set a different username to make it less accessible for the attackers to assume your password.

9. Keep your site clean and clear
A jumbled site can lead to losing of core files, making it difficult for security professionals to work. Keep your WordPress website clean, well organized by getting rid of extraneous files.

10. Regular scanning
There are many nifty and effective WordPress tools and Plugins  like code guard, Wordfence and more that can scan your whole website and pinpoint the files with harmful codes, thereby protecting you from strange anomalies.

11. Choose the Best hosting solution
Choose a company for whom security is the foremost priority and provides you the best hosting solutions like account isolation, robust backup and more, so whenever there is any website attack your hosting company is there to support you.

Saurabh Sharma is a dedicated Wordrpess developer and content writer at Girnar Software SEZ Private Limited – a company that offers world-class Wordpress Development Services. He has been in IT industry for 5+ years and specializes in PHP Programming. 
Image Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125034089@N05/17273670645/

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