EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for Mac 7.5 ( 2 GB Free Data Recovery)

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for Mac 7.5 ( 2 GB Free Data Recovery)
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for Mac 7.5 ( 2 GB Free Data Recovery)
Ever wondered how you can trace and recover lost or deleted files from your Mac? If not, you’d better keep some data recovery utilities handy and make use of its benefits. There is a long list of advantages you can take from any Mac data recovery utility such as recover lost documents, files and folders, digital media files etc. even if the whole media becomes inaccessible, logically damaged or accidentally formatted (either Quick or Deep).

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is an advanced and useful utility that you should always keep nearby you. Data loss is an unavoidable situation that may leave you in great loss or put businesses out of the competition and these data recovery utility would be the single hope to restore them back. EaseUS put all their efforts in making this utility more better for home or data recovery pros through which, the victim has to invest minimal amount of efforts and money to recover their documents intact.

Recover documents, pictures, audio, videos etc. that is deleted or formatted somehow from list of storage device including Mac system or HFS formatted volume, USB or Flash disk drive, different type of card storing technology and more. EaseUS Data recovery wizard offer flexibility to preview recoverable media files before actual recovery. Once the scanning is completed, you’ll get the list of recoverable files in list view and a check box placed against those files. Click on any or all those boxes to select your desired media files.

Three easy steps of recovery
User has to go through rigorous steps in order to get their files back. However, EaseUS makes this process simpler by introducing three easy steps and an intuitive wizard based recovery steps.

Select File Types
The very first screen you’ll see on the screen is ‘Select File types’ to let user choose their desired media files that is lost or get formatted accidentally. Be it photos, audio, recorded video files, setup files or any other file type, you’ve full control to choose file type.

This is the most crucial steps that software has to go through and decide which file it can and cannot recover. Scanning process employ sector by sector or quick search for deleted, lost or formatted media files and shows preview window after completing the overall operation.

It’ll also offer effective partition recovery by scanning for lost or deleted HFS, HFS+ volume.

Preview and Recover
The last and final step is to choose or select media files by seeing preview and clicking on Recover button.  Keep in mind that EaseUS Data recovery wizard offers 2 GB of free data recovery and asks you to purchase a premium license key to perform unstoppable recovery of your lost or deleted documents.

Final thoughts
Data recovery procedure is full of risks and any wrong or misdeeds may permanently erase your hope to get back your lost media files. I’d strongly recommend to keep this utility handy for effective and successful data recovery. EaseUS is a known developer for providing best in class data backup and recovery applications and this is one of the top selling software that mostly become life savior in crucial situations of data loss.

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[World Cup Giveaway] Win Free Video Downoader and iPhone 5s

[World Cup Giveaway] Win Free Video Downoader and iPhone 5s
Sometimes you need save YouTube videos and other online videos to your mobile devices for watching offline later. Aiseesoft Video Downloader lets you easily download videos from the web and convert them to video formats supported by your phone and other portable devices, so you can watch them at any time, regardless of whether there's Wi-Fi or 3G/4G coverage.

With a user-friendly interface, Aiseesoft Video Downloader makes it very easy to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vevo, and Yahoo. It allows you to select the output format before downloading videos and also lets you convert local videos.

How to Download Video
1. Download and install Aiseesoft Video Downloader.

2. Open the program.

3. Enter the URL of video you want to download and then click "Analyze" button. You will see the video information listed on the interface.

4. Select the resolution you need and choose to only download the video or automatically convert to a video format after downloading.

5. Click “OK” button to start to download video.

How to get a free license code of Aiseesoft Video Downloader?
Now to get the 10 1-year codes of Aiseesoft Video Downloader, you need to like Aiseesoft on Facebook and share their world cup post with #AiseesoftWorldCup.
The winners will be chosen randomly, and all the codes of the Video Downloader will be sent by Aiseesoft to directly into the winner’s Facebook id.

Best game this summer – Win a free iPhone 5s
The 2014 World Cup has officially begun. Aiseesoft wants to share the excitement and happiness with football fans all over the world. In Aiseesoft’s World Cup campaign. You can win a free iPhone 5s and more free products from Aiseesoft. Don't miss it!
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11 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

11 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure
WordPress websites are the most popular blogging and CMS accounting over 23% of all the sites on the internet so it has always been more appealing to intruders. The number of hacked WordPress websites is growing every year where the majority of hackers is using server to send spam mails.


It is worth your time to avoid the basic mistakes to protect your website from becoming the most targeted place for spammers. Employ the suitable controls and follow the best tips to keep your site threats and bugs free:

1. Update plugins and themes as much as you can
Update your plugins consistently. The more old your plugins the more vulnerable they are to exploit. Each plugins and themes installed are important for your websites so it is better to get all the threats and viruses fixed by constant updating.

2. Back up your website
It is better to keep the backup of your website so if your site gets hacked then you can simply restart your security, change passwords and can re-upload all the required data within one day.

3. Delete plugins and themes you are not using
More plugins and themes means less security. Delete plugins or themes you are not using and get rid of hacking tension. Plugins deactivation is not just enough, you must delete them.

4. Download from familiar sources
Always download plugins and themes from well known sources. WordPress.org is the most preferable website for downloading plugins and themes as there they are already scanned before being admissible to theme or plugin directory.

5. Keep your computer free from viruses and malware
It is necessary to have an up-to-date antivirus program installed in your computer to protect WordPress websites and to avoid access by the potential attacker of all the login details.

6. Set a strong password for gaining full privacy
Always set a  very strong password for your admin login details so that it cannot be easily guessed by the intruder, so it is better to use a whole sentence for easy remembrance.

7. WordPress regular update/Frequently update your WordPress
Sticking to the older versions of WordPress will increase the chances of hackers to break into your website, so regularly update your website and make it less visible to hackers.

8. Protect WordPress admin access
While installing a new WordPress site, you will be asked for a username during the installation process. Set a different username to make it less accessible for the attackers to assume your password.

9. Keep your site clean and clear
A jumbled site can lead to losing of core files, making it difficult for security professionals to work. Keep your WordPress website clean, well organized by getting rid of extraneous files.

10. Regular scanning
There are many nifty and effective WordPress tools and Plugins  like code guard, Wordfence and more that can scan your whole website and pinpoint the files with harmful codes, thereby protecting you from strange anomalies.

11. Choose the Best hosting solution
Choose a company for whom security is the foremost priority and provides you the best hosting solutions like account isolation, robust backup and more, so whenever there is any website attack your hosting company is there to support you.

Saurabh Sharma is a dedicated Wordrpess developer and content writer at Girnar Software SEZ Private Limited – a company that offers world-class Wordpress Development Services. He has been in IT industry for 5+ years and specializes in PHP Programming. 
Image Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125034089@N05/17273670645/
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SystoTech PDF Split and Merge- Product Review

SystoTech PDF Split and Merge- Product Review
SystoTech PDF split and merge software helped me when I was facing issue to send a PDF file with an email attachment. I was trying to send a 30 MB PDF file through attachment which is not supported by Gmail due to the 20 MB size limitation. Later I decided to break this large PDF file into two small PDF files to send them to my client.

When I searched the solution for splitting a PDF file into parts, there are a lot of free online resources. But most of them were restricted to split PDF file up to 20 MB only. After reading an article I got the reference for a free PDF splitter merger developed by SystoTech. I am much impressed with its functionality and easy interface. I used this application many times to split or merge PDF files and have a great experience. I was excited to write a detailed review of this desktop software. Because the developers have released this PDF split and merge tool free for all Windows users.

Benefits of Using this Free PDF Split and Merge Software!
I am very glad to say that this is the best free  application for merging multiple PDF files into a single PDF document or split a large PDF file into parts. Here are a few useful functions provided by the SystoTech PDF split and merge tool.
  1. Split PDF File All Pages: The software allows users to split all pages of PDF file into separate PDF documents. You can choose this feature to create individual PDF files for all pages.

    pdf split
  2. Split PDF File into required Pages: This is another helpful function to divide a large PDF file into required number of PDF files. You can use this option to break a PDF file into required parts.

    pdf split systools
  3. Split PDF File of Specific Page Range: By using this split option you can simply extract and split required pages from the PDF file. It will let you to break PDF file of specific page range.

  4. Merge Multiple PDF Files at Once: You can use this function to merge number of small PDF files into a single PDF document. You can browse and add unlimited PDF files to combine them allinto one editable PDF file.

  5. Option to Add or Delete PDF While Merging: By using these options you can add a new PDF file into the list before merging them and also can delete extra PDF files from the list.

  6. Compress and Reduce PDF File Size:This is one extra feature provided by SystoTech PDF Split and Merge software by using which you can reduce the size of a large PDF document file.

  7. Free Download: The application is available free of cost which can be downloaded from the official website of SystoTech Software. Developers have released this PDF Split and merge tool for absolutely free.
Final Verdict 
After analyzing this free PDF split and merge tool I can give 4.5 rating to this free solution. I will recommend this PDF splitter merger program for those who are searching a free desktop utility to combine multiple PDF files or split a large PDF into smaller parts.
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