QILING Disk master Pro – Perfect Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Tool

Data availability is among the major challenges for normal users and businesses. Any certainty or unavoidable situations often leads to data loss and ultimately, ruining your business growth as the crucial data is gone missing.

Need of data backup and disaster recovery tools is always recommended and you should keep it handy to overcome even from the most challenging data loss circumstances. QILING Disk Master Pro is one such utility that helps you take easy data backup of your crucial documents or file records and prevent data loss situations. It’s completely automated utility to perform full, partial or differential data backup in just one click.

You can easily take data backup of important system partition(S), complete hard disk drive or files/folders of your choice. You can further compress backup files into ZIP format to save extra disk space.

Downloading and installing this data backup utility is extremely simple and will not take more than a minute. From the home screen, you can choose any of your desired function i.e. disk or partition backup, file backup, file zip or browse for old backup.


Simply click of ‘Backup Data’ if you just want to backup entire disk drive data. On the next window, you’ll be able to see all the connected drives and subsequent volumes to take data backup of important files. You’ll get full details about the backup drive size as well as the destination drive capacity to ensure successful backup operation. Further, you can schedule data backup operations to any particular day, week or month of your desire.  Additionally, you can perform sector by sector backup of data to ensure that nothing will be left including the damaged files or folders.


You can choose any particular files or folders to backup as this tool offers file level backup option too. Click on the file backup option from the software interface and you’ll be able to navigate around connected drives and can choose desired files or entire folder directory.


From the image above, you can see easily the selected folder is ‘Movies’ with its detailed capacity and exact size you’d have needed to create backup copy.

Moving to another tab called ‘Disk Management’ which allows moving or resizing partition, format, delete partition etc.


Moving ahead, you’ll locate another option entitled ‘Tools and Utilities’ that offers bunch of important tools to perform more disk related operations like cloning, disk migration, fix boot, file wipe or shredder and much more. Last but not least, you can also perform health status check of existing or connected media using ‘Disk health’ function of this tool.


QILING Disk Master Professional is available for 30 days free trial period to explore the functionality and side benefits. You can avail the full copy license at just $31.2 USD or professional license with lifetime free upgrades at just $41.65 USD. Keep in mind that copy will be licensed to only single PC. You may contact developer if you’ve requirement of license for multiple PCs.

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