Data Recover from Crack or Broken Memory Card

What will happen if your crucial data get deleted permanently by mistake from crack memory card before backup them? And perhaps most will confused and lost their minds. You think that your file is lost for forever, but there are so many alternative available which increases the possibility of recovery. Using these alternative methods file can be easily recovered without any issues. Here, I will share a perfect method which can help you in crack memory card recovery.


Note: If your memory card is crack then stop using it, do not format it and do not store more photos in it otherwise you could lost memory card or flash drive data. Contact to customer service for crack memory card recovery. And if this is also not working then try to search a recovery software that can recover your lost data without any issues.


Data Recovery from crack memory card depends on how seriously it is damaged. And if you try to make pressure on the parts of the card in order to combine them back together but your camera or card reader is not recognizing it then in that case data recovery software may be your best choice.
There are different types of memory card like SD, XD, and CF cards, these are mostly used in digital cameras in order to store multimedia files but can also be used to store files using notebook, mobile phones, PDAs and other portable devices.


Memory card are somewhat similar to USB flash drives as far as data storage capabilities are concerned, but when it comes to functionalities then they are vastly different. USB drives are used to backup data whereas memory card are used to expand the capacity of storage space to store the data of electronic devices such as mobile phones or camera. 

Memory card contain “flash memory chips” to store the data which function by handling a series of transistors with electrical currents. Basic data loss from memory card can be easily resolved by breaking their plastic enclosures and accessing the data directly from flash memory chips within. But, if your memory card is suffering from severe damage then further additional steps should be taken to ensure successful recovery. Another component of memory card is “Mass Storage Controllers” allows to communicate with whichever devices they are used in.Damage to memory card “mass storage controller” can be avoided by interacting directly with card’s “flash memory chip”, but if your card is encrypted then the data cannot be accessed at all until mass storage controller is fixed or replaced.

Few memory card like PNY-branded and microSD card are monolithic. In this type of memory card, all the internal components including “flash memory chip” and “mass storage controller”, are combined together into one single chip. Data recovery from these types of cards is somehow difficult, because in order to recover the data the surface of the chip should be detached first to display its circuits. This process is very subtle and a single mistake could result loss of data permanently.

In order to deal with these kind of issues you can try Data Recovery Software, the software is very easy and simple to use. The software supports different recovery modes like i.e. Deleted, Formatted, Partitioned, Raw and Create Disk Image Recovery Mode. Crack Memory Card Recovery can be easily done using this tool. The software also includes many advanced features that helps the user to recover and restore lost data from memory card. It supports all types of file formats and helps to recover data from lost or missing partitions. It has the capability to scan and recover data from above 3TB hard disks. And the most important thing is that this application can run on all Windows versions including Windows 10, simply connect your memory card with reader and you can get all your lost data in just a fraction of seconds.

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