Pandel Handle Review – Every Handel Needs a Pandle

Pandle Overview
Remarkable step taken by Jason while standing on the NYC subway, created hand care equipment that takes care of dust from all the touchable things. It could be pole, escalators and various other physical equipment that have high amount of germs. These equipment were in contact by various human beings that highly increased the risk of transmitting germs between one to another person.

Pandle was created to eliminate risks of transmitting germs and to keep you safe from probable risks. These germs are often active on crowded pubic areas that have vast amount of commuters traveling on daily basis. Human body can be easily infected through germs and could cause severe health diseases like vomiting/diarrhea .

Fending off germs
Pandle is created using perfect blend of rubber, antibacterial solution and tight gripping to ensure easiness as well as maximum protection. Jason development team has taken over 9 months to come up with this solid product that provides high level of comfort while uses and maximum protection against fighting germs or other bacterial agents.

Finally, Jason has lunched and this product 7 months back, In February 2015. With a huge start, Pandle gain the deserving popularity within a few months of its launch. 

Uses Scope

Using Pandle is extremely easy and performance, at par. Anyone with hygienic mindset can start using Pandle and suggest their loved ones to avoid Germs infecting them.  There are various public uses and transportation system where use of Pandle is highly recommended. These includes :
  1. Public Transportation
  2. Airports
  3. Hospitals
  4. Fitness Centers
Above mentioned places or commute system has overcrowded public who doesn’t even bother to think that how many germs they’ve actually transmitted to others. Most of them don’t even wash their hands before eating or drinking which are the main causes of germs infections.

Product Features
Below mentioned are the common features of Pandle:

Colors: Pandle is available in different colours to choose from such as Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Red. .
Size: Pandle is perfectly sized to cover the entire hand area and ensures that you never get in contact with germs.
Quality: Made up of using rubber coated with nano-silver which has anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria on the product. 
Portable: Carrying Pandle is as easy as your wallet or dairy. Pandle can be folded into small square and carry it on your pocket.
Comfortable: This product is perfect wearable equipments for your hands and easily fit in just like your gloves.
Reusable: Use it multiple times several times in a day without degrading its protection.
Cleanable: Pandle is cleanable too. Just use antibacterial soap and water to clean it. Then use dryer to dry it for immediate reuse.

Connect with Pandle
You can connect with social communities talking about Pandle and be a fan on the social media channels of Pandle mentioned below:


Pandle is available at extremely low cost and can be afforded easily, $6.99 USD. Once you’ve chosen to purchase Pandle, select your desired Pandle colour and click on Shop Now. Proceed to check out process and Pandle will be delivered at your doorstep within few working days.

Pandle uses is huge and recommended for every personal who’s taking help of daily transportation to commute between different places. You can make your friends or family safe by suggesting this extremely helpful utility.

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