5 Best Free Registry Cleaner Like CCleaner & Wise Cleaner 2015

Using Registry cleaner is indeed a great way to get rid of invalid or faulty registries that sluggish the performance of your PC or system and forced you to deploy a fresh installation copy. Don’t worry if you’re facing slow PC performance or programs behaving abnormally. There are free registry cleaner programs that can detect all the invalid entries on your PC and removes them carefully without affecting the performance of your PC.

Why Registry Cleaner program still works?
There are various online content available stating that uses of registry cleaner software didn’t affect performance of PC at all. I’m not denying the fact but registry cleaner is still useful when you unknowingly installed any malicious or faulty third party program that damaged some of your crucial registry entries. It’ll also help you restore registries that have been corrupt or damaged due to faulty application installation.

Free Registry cleaner software used to detect any or all the invalid entries from your PC and removes them after your confirmation. Invalid registries are created by third party or faulty program that suppose to be outdated or corrupt and remains at the same place even after completing erasing the programs from installed software list.

When you can Use registry cleaner software?
There are various occasions when you face slow PC performance, blue screen errors or invalid error pop up coming on the screen on your Windows. These kind of errors are often derived by faulty registries and using free registry cleaner programs, you can easily fix them and regain the actual PC speed. 

• When  Blue screen appears again and again
• Unknown errors pops out again and again
• Facing extremely slow PC performance
• Sudden system restarts
• Startup failure loop

Please find the list of 5 best free registry cleaner like CCleaner and Wise Cleaner that can helps you restore the actual PC performance right away:

Eusing Free registry cleaner


Eusing is an open source registry cleaner that works well with all the latest version of Windows and safely fixes modern registry errors. With Eusing, you can repair almost any number of invalid registry entries in minutes.

Eusing safely remove program leftovers or files header that resides even after the file permanent deletion.  Unlike other freeware registry cleaner programs, you’ll find this program adware free and 100% safe for your PC.

Cleanersoft Free Registry Fix


Yet another free registry cleaner that performs exceptionally well and above all registry cleaner programs. It gets easily installed on machine running any latest version of Windows OS and automatically detects as well as repairs all the corrupt or damaged registry entries. Cleanersoft is pretty good at discovering all the malicious entries created by faulty programs that use to left registries abrupt normal functioning of your system.

Glarysoft Registry Repair Freeware


Glarysoft is tested and fully operational registry cleaner that works well in your latest Windows operating system i.e. Windows 10 and can detect incorrect entries that other registry cleaner might skip. This free registry cleaner app will perform little deeper scanning to fix all the recently created unauthorized or invalid registry entries and helps you achieve maximum PC performance by removing all the junk files. This way, you’ll also be getting more disk space and maximum resource utilization.

Little Registry Cleaner


Little registry cleaner is absolutely free registry cleaner app available for fixing any kind of invalid Microsoft registry entries that isn’t digitally signed or originated from non-trusted sources. It’ll improve the stability of your PC as well as experience of maximizing the PC performance.

Before removing registries or repairing them, it’ll backup the entire registries to ensure that you can safely rollback if anything goes wrong. This free registry cleaner app would able to repair registry that is beyond the scope of recovery. It’s available in 17 different languages and compatible with only 64-bit version of Windows.

Kingosoft PC Doctor


Another hit registry cleaner program in the list that exactly does as explained. This registry cleaner app isn’t limited or removing or fixing registries but also scans your PC for malicious programs or files that have somehow altered the smooth functioning of your PC.

Have you tried different registry cleaner that is free and not in the list? Care to share it with our audience and we’ll try to cover or add in the article if it passes all the benchmark of TW.

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