Check for Virus Infected Files Online using VirtusTotal

While surfing net, we may have came across files that our antivirus program tends to block. These files have been created to infect your PC and infect your PC. later, It'll be the only record that breas everything into your PC and steal your crucial documents.

See the image below of an email I've received few days back that states somebody has shown interest in working with me on a project. I don't know how this guy got my email and what kind of project he's talking about. Still, I'd rather not work with someone I don't know or even share my details.

Similar emails has been used to trick users to download any particular files on their computer/PC and open it. As soon as you open the attached document, it'll inject malicious codes onto your system that will share everything from the system and upload it to their servers.

To be safe side, just unplug internet connection (your LAN cable or modem you are using to connect to internet) and run Antivirus program. If you don't know how to deal with such malicious files, consider seeing an expert help.

How to check for infected files (PDF, Word, Excel etc.) Online?

I'd recommend you to check almost every files you've download over web, before opening it into your system. VirtusTotal is a free online tool that helps you check files for its consistency and your safety.

You can directly upload any file to VirusTotal and click on 'Scan It!'. Wait for few seconds (it may take little longer if the file size is large) till this online tool completes scanning.


This tool will scan for virus infected files using over 200 online file scanning tools to let you know if the files is safe to open or not.

If you've any specific tools to search for the safety of downloaded documents,feel free to share it in the comment section.

Have a great day!!!

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