12 Best Time Tracking Apps that Could Save the Day

Why Time Tracking Software?

Using online time tracking software, you can analyze or calculate the exact hours of work you’ve applied on project, client or employee. Currently, there are many apps or desktop applications available that could help you monitor the productive hours of employee or even help you identify the currently active tasks on the employee system. 

This is indeed a great way to save you or your company from reducing unproductive hours and stay ahead in the competition.  I believe that employee time tracking software could enhance the productivity of an employees by guiding them to stay active maximum number of hours and thus, you’ll be more close to your business goals or deliver projects faster.

What are the time tracking apps in the list?

You can best 10 online time tracking software that are pretty popular these days and considered to be the most reliable platform in terms of security and user data privacy. Most apps or desktop based applications support availability on the go or through mobile which makes you proactive all day towards your business goals.

#1. Clockspot
Best app available to track employee time from anywhere. You can easily manage the time sheets in real time or complete payroll tasks in minutes.

Now you don't need to worry about managing your valuable employee time or wasting hours of effort in completing payroll tasks. Have this tool to finish all the complicated tasks at work at your finger tips.

#2. Paymo
Paymo reserved the top position in the list with maximum inbuilt features and easiness. We’ve scaled and gone through over 100 of online time tracking apps and measured its effectiveness. Paymo works best if you are into freelance journalism or running small business by monitoring the accurate time you’ve spent working on client projects or any internal work.

                     web based time tracking software

  1. Automated time tracking tools for accurately billing clients and make your charges reasonable.
  2. Accurate timesheet reports with an easy start and stop function
  3. All the work log will be easily recorded with pretty accurate start and end time.
  4. Small desktop app to easily record everything, available for Windows & Mac both.
  5. Manage everything on your timesheets and view data in familiar calendar style design with days, week or month views.
  1. Can edit time entries yourself right into the desktop app which clearly doesn’t seems good sign.
  2. Accurate but not that much in filtering the time spent on any specific websites. It’ll skip time you’re logged onto secure browser windows like incognito in Chrome.
#3. WorkPlus

                                  web based time tracking software
  1. Pretty good at monitoring apps, websites or even the currently active window.
  2. Monitor everything online in real time or keep it recorded so you can track time later.
  3. Easy to setup and perfect for users with beginner level of expertise.
  4. Available for any latest version of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or XP.
#4. Toggl
Simple yet insanely powerful and free time tracking software with paid plans that lets you keep track of everything on your fingertips. You can make it truly yours by customizing the backed codes and see only things that matters to you in timesheet.

                                web based time tracking software
  1. Improves productivity by prioritizing tasks that crucial for your business and lets you focus only on important tasks.
  2. Enhance your analysis skills by presenting customized set of Windows and lets you track every single minute of working hours.
  3. Completely cloud based time tracking software but with capability to use over web, as a desktop widget or on your mobile.

#5. Time Doctor
This one is pretty accurate at time tracks completely in web interface.

                            web based time tracking software
  1. Set everything up in minutes using step by step wizard.
  2. Pretty accurate employee time tracking software with detailed project analysis, how many hours you’ve to any particular project.
  3. It can set reminders, record screen. Invoicing capability, automatically generate and send reports, timesheet managing etc.
#6. TimeClock Manager
Everything in control with TimeClock Manager and complete employee time tracking utility.

                               web based time tracking software
  1. Set individual pay and rule with customized tab interface
  2. Small time tracking app that works well across varied industry needs and different niches.
  3. Everything will be upload the TimeClock official website and reduce extra costs
  4. Available as per employee license software and will be valid for lifetime period. You’ll be billed at the end of the year for any additional licenses added during the period.
#7. Tsheets                                 web based time tracking software
  1. Record employee location using GPS enabled mobile devices once they logged into their system.
  2. Complete web based time tracking software that works with different size capacity of business.
  3. Track everything online and whatever you need using the mobile app available for iPhone and Android users.
  4. Easily notify employee about overtime, project completions or overdue using emails, text messages, twitter messages etc.
  5. Detailed and comprehensive timesheets for employee payroll including the working and non-working hours.
#8. Timeneye                             web based time tracking software
  1. As like others, Timeneye is also a web based time tracking app that helps you manage everything while sitting anywhere.
  2. Easily grasp how things work using intuitive interface. Start counter whenever you are ready and stop when it’s done.
  3. Pretty advanced features for admin role users who can control and increase employee productivity on project they are working.
  4. Better project monitoring by avoiding unnecessary hours on any assigned projects in real time.
  5. Employee collaboration on timesheets which include the details about working hours given on any projects. That helps employee grade themselves and better decide their productivity impact.

#9. Clockodo                                     web based time tracking software clockodo
  1. Clear and visibly appealing reports helps you and your employee watch over the time spent on any given projects.
  2. Instantly track times categorized under different roles in your company like customers, projects or occupations.
  3. Customize and make it truly yours by defining things only you need to watch over under ‘Settings’ option of this web based time tracking app.
#10. Replicon                                 web based time tracking software replicon
  1. Perfect fit if you are facing compliances within the company. It’ll record every single seconds of employee working as well as the attendance and generate detailed timesheets at the end of the month.
  2. Currently, web app available for iOS and Android users for using Replicon on mobile phones.
  3. Don’t take worries of incremented data storage issues, Replicon will store everything up for in their cloud based platform which is secure and has maximum up time servers.
#11. GetHarvest  

                                 web based time tracking software harvest
  1. First time tracking application in the list that designed to make your employee comfortable while handling tasks.
  2. Better timesheets managing capability every employee need with neat and tidy interface.
  3. Real time access to reports so you can better track ongoing projects in the company and plan budget or time accordingly.
#12. Workforce                             web based time tracking software workforce
  1. Integrated with HR and payroll options to better decide employee salary.
  2. Schedule daily shifts for your employee (s) and get them notified instantly.
  3. Currently, only phone and email support is available (no chat options).


                          web based time tracking software yanomo
  1. With 17 days free trail, you can start using Yanomo online time tracking software as low as $5 / month.
  2. You can take the tour anytime to get yourself better understand how easy is it to using Yanomo.
  3. Integrated calendar to see how many hours you’ve given on any particular project.
  4. Integrated invoicing features lets your client get notified the exact hours you’ve worked on.

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