Seven Interesting Facts About Connecting The World With Technology

There's no arguing that technology has changed the world forever. It's made it possible to communicate with people face-to-face in real time even when they're on the other side of the planet. Realizing just how much technology has altered how we connect to one another is a daunting challenge. Here are seven interesting facts that will bring those details to light.


1. Google Services Around 35 Million Queries Every Month
Search engines have brought us together by making it possible to find information without actually knowing where to look. This reliance has caused Google to become smarter and more powerful, which only makes sense when you consider how many people use it every day.

2. Social Media is Growing Rapidly
Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are currently experiencing a rapid growth due to their mobile-friendly natures. This growth is being harnessed by intelligent businesses and business people with in-stream ads and smart social media usage.

3. The Amount of Information on the Internet Doubles Each Year
Google currently has 200 Terabytes of data indexed. The size of the Internet, however, is estimated to be around 5,000,000 Terabytes. It's expected to continue growing in size as the amount of information we create continues to rapidly increase.

4. One in Five Couples Meet on the Internet
The Internet isn't just about enabling you to communicate with people you already know, it's apparently a great place to meet new people. An estimated one in every five couples met using the Internet. It has completely changed the way people are meeting and dating.

5. 81% of Emails Rightfully Belong in the Junk Folder
Due to privacy problems, ascertaining an exact number of spam emails is next to impossible. Some estimates state that around 81% of all emails is spam, which primarily come from Russia, Nigeria and South Africa.

6. Computer Science Enables New Forms of Digital Communication
Internet relay chat, the basis for all Internet communication, was created by a group of university researchers. Many of the advances in digital communication have come from computer science students trying to use the Internet in different ways. Getting a master's degree in computer science online can open up many opportunities to work in this exciting field.

7. The Internet Needs Regular Maintenance

There are an estimated 256 undersea cables and millions of buried fiber-optic cable that makes the backbone of the Internet. They can stay viable for anywhere from 10 years to 25 years, though they require regular maintenance to stay working. If you've ever had Internet issues, it may be a side effect of cables being repaired.

Changes in communication have occurred rapidly because of the Internet. While you may think that we're at the peak of what technology can do, communication will only continue to evolve from this point.

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