Love Computers? Here are 4 Ways to Make Them Your Career

Computer technology continues to evolve faster than ever. Today, the demand for professionals with the right qualifications and degrees in computer technology is at an all-time high. Individuals who are naturally analytical, good at paying attention to details, and excel in problem solving may find a rewarding career in computer science. This field has an outstanding employment outlook that varies from average to high over the course of many years to come. Here are four great careers to pursue if you're passionate about computer technology.

1. Computer and Information Systems Manager
People who work as computer and information systems managers are in charge of overseeing the various computer activities of companies or organizations. They work to integrate new technologies that help them meet their goals. Some companies hire potential candidates with a bachelor's degree, but several prefer those who have an MBA (master's degree in business administration).

2. Computer Support Specialist
A computer support specialist generally helps the staff or customers of a company with computer-related issues. They often help solve a variety of problems concerning software programs, computer hardware, peripherals, and operating systems. Although the level of required education in this particular field varies, many employers prefer to hire computer support experts who have a bachelor's degree in computer science.

3. Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer hardware engineers essentially research, create, develop, test, and supervise the production and installation of computer systems, circuit boards, and computer chips. They tend to work with computer peripherals as well. To land a job working as a computer hardware engineer you'll need a bachelor's degree. You may prefer to earn an Ohio University master’s of electrical engineering in order to learn how to apply advanced scientific and mathematical applications.

4. Computer Systems Analyst
A computer systems analyst helps their employers with the effective and efficient side of technology. Most employers hire candidates with bachelor's degrees. However, some prefer candidates with master's degrees for more intricate and demanding jobs.

You can earn a BS (bachelor's of science) or a BA (bachelor's of arts) by learning computer science technology as an undergraduate at a four year college. The necessary coursework to earn a BS primarily revolves around math and science. Some experts claim that a BS is a much more marketable degree due to the focus on both math and science while others say that a BA is the way to go since anyone who holds this degree will have a more well-rounded and diverse background.

Do a bit of research and explore the different avenues in order to decide which program will ultimately work best for you.

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