Learn How to Recover Formatted Kingston Pen Drive Data

Learn How to Recover Formatted Kingston Pen Drive Data
The world of computer has very important user’s data, for the sharing propose of data lost of users trust in Kingston pen drive for transferring files, photos, video, PPT and important document from one system to another system. What would happen when you format your Kingston pen drive due to inaccessibility of database by virus attack? In this situation you completely lost your vital data from the Kingston pen drive. For the high increasing demand of formatted Kingston pen drive recovery, therefore tools like pen drive recovery comes in demand.

Introduction about Kingston Pen Drive Recovery

The application for Kingston pen drive recovery is external solutions render to rescue the requirement of data recovery from formatted Kingston pen drive. This application is rendered to provide data recovery of pen drive without any sort of complications. This utility supports all sizes of Kingston pen drives and it’s successfully working on all windows operating systems.

Moreover, this program helps to extract data from the different error cause of pen drive such as:
  1. You can extract data when Kingston pen drive showing write protection error message
  2. Tool capable to retrieve data from the virus infected Kingston pen drive
  3. Successfully recover data when Kingston pen drive is not formatted
  4. Restore data when Kingston USB flash drive showing 0 bytes error message
There are many situations that make pen drive data inaccessible mode and force to users format pen drive. Once users format pen drive then they completely lost their stored data. The interface of the utility is specially developed to cope up with the probability of even the novice user to IT industry. The best part of this program is it capable to restore data from both type of NTFS or FAT 32 disk volume formatted pen drive.

Let’s Know How to start Data Recovery Process of Formatted Kingston Pen Drive
First, you need to visit the Kingston Pen Drive Recovery website and Download Free Trial edition of this application.

Once you have downloaded this app now need to run it on your system

  1. Choose “Scan Disk” option from the top menu

  2. Now select your device from the Device with Removable Storage and see all the Kingston pen drive detail from the left pane. Now click on “Recovery Partition” option from the bottom.

  3. Tool provides you with three recovery options where you need to choose “Formatted partition” recovery function from presenting list and click on “Recover”.

  4. Now it show the recovery procedure, once a recovery task done, then it provide you “Search” option for finding out exacting item from the recovered results. If you want to search any item, and then click on “Search” tab, otherwise click on “close

  5. If you select “search” option then you need to fill the form and find out particular item

  6. Now select the items which you want to restore it at the desired location and click on “Save” option from the menu bar and choose desired path where you want to save it.

Now you can access formatted Kingston pen drive data completely, I hope now you’re pretty clear about this application. With this application you can also recover permanently deleted data or corrupted data from the Kingston pen drive without any complications.

]Johnnie Walker works at Tech Brief group, as a technical trainer and wrote numbers of article regarding data recovery scenarios. In this consternation, at present researches are finished on: http://www.pendrive-datarecovery.com/
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Outlook Recovery Software To Repair PST File: Yes Or No?

Outlook Recovery Software To Repair PST File: Yes Or No?
A system to communicate is an inevitable part of our lives. In our daily life, we look out for the most convenient and cheapest means to interact with others. Instant messengers, social media, telephonic chats, etc are to name a few. Amongst these, emailing is another system that helps to stay connected and share information.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that allows users to have smooth emailing experience and can be set up on your desktop. The database file gets saved on hard disk like any other file and the multiple features included in the application facilitate effective communication to users. However, like any other application, this mail client is perfect in its functioning until its user operates it well or it is not affected by unexpected disastrous scenario.

The database file of Outlook, i.e. the PST can get inaccessible. Reasons can be many starting from virus scanner interruption to error messages that could be due to file corruption or any other inconsistency. In such cases, there is need for a solution that can check the actual problem, fix it, and make the file contents inaccessible again.

Here, we are going to talk about such a tool. A solution named Outlook Recovery software, developed under a renowned data recovery brand can be helpful in concern to recovering data from a PST file that has gone inaccessible due to “N” number of reasons.

Official Website



Outlook Recovery

Current Version



1.86 MB

Basic Functioning

Recover PST File Contents
Restore Permanently deleted Items

PST File Type Supported

ANSI and Unicode

Software Testing

Free Demo Version Available

Activation Key

Three Licenses Available

Efficiency and Usage Ease:
From the time of its development and first introduction in the market, the tool has undergone a number of up-dations. This has brought number of improvements in the product and I must say the speed of tool is appreciable.
Stepping to the features zone, definitely they are added by understating a user requirement. You can find multiple scanning options, file contents previewing facility, split PST attribute, saving messages to EML file and many other.

The good part about operability of the tool is it is assembled with an interface that looks exactly like MS Outlook. So it is quite easy for a normal user to process PST file and get the best out of the tool.

Ideal Buyers of the Product:
The tool is developed with the basic idea of recovering data from PST file that is unreadable by MS Outlook. Its developers have embedded some worth investment features that makes it choice for users. For example:

Data Recovery from Corrupt PST: The tool promises to retrieve data from PST file that is inaccessible due to corruption or any error.

Deleted Email Recovery from PST: Even if some of the items are permanently deleted from PST file, the software can recover them if ‘Advance Scan’ option is selected.

Save Data as PST/EML/DBX: The tool is integrated with facility to export recovered data from PST file into MSG, PST, or EML file format.

So, if you need a solution that can be a rescuer when you cannot access a PST file or some permanently deleted items are to be recovered from PST, then it is the best toolkit for you.

Technical Insights:
If permanently deleted items are to be restored, the condition is PST file should not be overwritten.

The Advance Scan option in the tool is for PST files that are immensely affected by corruption.

The software performs read-only operation on PST which means source file remains unaffected.

Email along with their attachments can be previewed and exported with this PST recovery tool.

The tool is meant for Windows Operating System and generates Unicode PST file as resultant.

If the PST file is password protected, the tool will ask for it so that it can read the file to recover data from it.

The Cons and The Pros!
Like every application, this tool to recover and repair PST file do shares some good and some bad points.

The facility to restore permanently deleted items from PST file is commendable and is actually much demanded.

You can select folders that are to be exported into a healthy PST file. Filtering folders is a great advantage in the tool.

Not So Good:
There is no Search option in the tool for finding certain message or its attachments. Sorting data within the tool and then exporting it is missing.

They say that even password protected PST will be recovered but the password should be available if the PST file has to be recovered.

Available Alternates:
To deal with errors or PST inaccessibility issues, developers of Outlook (Microsoft) offers Inbox Repair Tool to the users. It checks the structure of PST (tables where database is stored) and removes it on fining it corrupt. So, there is possibility of data loss if this utility is chosen.

Then, in most of the cases, this utility does not work. Immense corruption issues cannot be handled by the repair algorithms of the tool.

Investment: Yes or No?
As far as features, operability, longevity, and price of the tool is concern, I would definitely say Yes to Outlook Recovery software. The tool can be great help at business level where data loss is loss of major assets. I would rate message-level efficiency of this product a 4/5.

Free Download Outlook Recovery :- http://magicsoft-outlook-recovery.en.softonic.com/

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Recovering data from ost files of Microsoft Exchange. How to repair ost file of Microsoft Exchange? Visit - http://www.magicsoftrecovery.com/ost-recovery.html
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Love Computers? Here are 4 Ways to Make Them Your Career

Love Computers? Here are 4 Ways to Make Them Your Career
Computer technology continues to evolve faster than ever. Today, the demand for professionals with the right qualifications and degrees in computer technology is at an all-time high. Individuals who are naturally analytical, good at paying attention to details, and excel in problem solving may find a rewarding career in computer science. This field has an outstanding employment outlook that varies from average to high over the course of many years to come. Here are four great careers to pursue if you're passionate about computer technology.

1. Computer and Information Systems Manager
People who work as computer and information systems managers are in charge of overseeing the various computer activities of companies or organizations. They work to integrate new technologies that help them meet their goals. Some companies hire potential candidates with a bachelor's degree, but several prefer those who have an MBA (master's degree in business administration).

2. Computer Support Specialist
A computer support specialist generally helps the staff or customers of a company with computer-related issues. They often help solve a variety of problems concerning software programs, computer hardware, peripherals, and operating systems. Although the level of required education in this particular field varies, many employers prefer to hire computer support experts who have a bachelor's degree in computer science.

3. Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer hardware engineers essentially research, create, develop, test, and supervise the production and installation of computer systems, circuit boards, and computer chips. They tend to work with computer peripherals as well. To land a job working as a computer hardware engineer you'll need a bachelor's degree. You may prefer to earn an Ohio University master’s of electrical engineering in order to learn how to apply advanced scientific and mathematical applications.

4. Computer Systems Analyst
A computer systems analyst helps their employers with the effective and efficient side of technology. Most employers hire candidates with bachelor's degrees. However, some prefer candidates with master's degrees for more intricate and demanding jobs.

You can earn a BS (bachelor's of science) or a BA (bachelor's of arts) by learning computer science technology as an undergraduate at a four year college. The necessary coursework to earn a BS primarily revolves around math and science. Some experts claim that a BS is a much more marketable degree due to the focus on both math and science while others say that a BA is the way to go since anyone who holds this degree will have a more well-rounded and diverse background.

Do a bit of research and explore the different avenues in order to decide which program will ultimately work best for you.
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