Do Phone Tracking Apps And Spyware Affect Marital Relationships?

These days a common practice for married couples is to buy “Spyware” and install it in their spouse’s mobile phone, allowing them to remotely listen to conversations of the person you want to spy on or “monitor,” or transfer the call to a telephone "master.", i.e., your phone which remotely manages the software on the target phone. This may be out of suspicion or a desire to track the activities of the spouse.


The main problem with installing such  phone tracking software is to install on your spouse’s phone and ensure the ‘spy’ is hidden so that he or she cannot find the program on his/her phone even inadvertently. This requires either hiding the phone so that the spouse goes to work without it, or installing the software when he/she is asleep, or otherwise engaged for the time it takes to install.

This Spyware is completely invisible, and alerts the ‘main’ that is you, by SMS when your spouse is engaged in a phone conversation. Once alerted you just dial a number and either join in the conversation if you want, or listen to the conversations of the spouse in secrecy. Not only this, you also receive copies of all messages, both incoming and outgoing from the spouses phone. The Spyware can be programmed remotely so once installed you do not need to physically have access to the spouses phone to check their messages which will be sent to you by SMS message.

Other than these phone-tracking features, some mobile phone spying programs give have the ability to spy on the target cell phone even when the phone is switched off. This sophisticated and unobtrusive software feature turns the target phone into a “mobile audio bug” by keeping the target phone active so you can start hearing conversations in your spouse surroundings when you want. You may even program the Spyware to switch on at a particular time so that you can monitor the activity supposed to be taking place at that time, for example If your spouse is to attend a meeting at 6pm, you may initialize the bug program and listen to what is being said in his / her  surroundings.

Mobile tracking is a dangerous thing, especially when it comes spying on close relatives and spouses, that is why it is illegal in some states in the USA so far. One reason for wanting to spy on a spouse maybe that some people may have been in a bad relationship previously, and were so damaged by that relationship that they are prone to severe jealously and insecurity and lack of trust, and think that this tracking technology may help to reassure then of the fidelity of their new partner. On the other hand, a severely insecure person will see misdeeds where only innocence exists, and tracking software may lead him or her to even more doubts and question marks which that person may turn into accusations. It is worth remembering that secrets are part of a healthy relationship, so is trust and forgiveness for mistakes go a long way in fostering marital relationships.

Cellphone tracking software can be of good use when checking up on a person’s faithfulness, however we should be aware of the bad effect it can have if one is caught monitoring a person’s phone. The breach of trust may be bad to bear as it would be if you find your spouse cheating on you.

Phone tracking is helpful to know your spouse location, and Spyware may help you find out what they say. The question is if you are at a point where you need Spyware, is your relationship really that strong?

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