Eight Software for 2013 That can Increase Your Internet Speed

Eight Software for 2013 That can Increase Your Internet Speed
The demand for high speed internet in 2013 is evident. Globally more and more data is being used with every month that passes by. The strain on the internet is huge because it has now become integral to the majority of people’s everyday lives. And that’s without mentioning the government and corporation use for it either. Thankfully, this strain is something the internet can cope with.

There are lots of options available to you when it comes to getting high speed internet.   Not only this, but there are lots of different software packages available that optimize your PC’s internet speed. Let’s discover more about the best software options for increased internet speed in 2013...

   1. Full Speed

Full Speed is a great software solution for faster internet. It can actually alter around 50 Windows system settings. Because it does this, it uses as many tools at your computers disposal in order to squeeze the finest out of all parameters. This ensures you reap the rewards of the best possible efficiency. This includes even the lesser known settings that many software programs do not deal with.

   2. Max Internet Optimizer

This software claims to maximize your internet connection to over 400 per cent and from the positive reviews many believe that Max Internet Optimizer lives up to its claims. This helps to make everything from browsing to downloading much quicker and easier.

   3. Internet Cyclone

This accelerator uses similar tactics to ‘Full Speed’ in the sense that it optimizes your Windows settings in order to ensure efficiency is obtained. The software states that it can increase internet connection speed up to 200 per cent. The great thing about this software is that it does not require updating when changes to your internet are made.

   4. OSS Internet Speed Booster

This software not only helps to speed up your internet connection but it stops disconnections from occurring as well. It also has a RAM booster and this will free up physical RAM memory on your computer.

   5. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator

This software is suitable for Windows operating systems. A lot of people like this option because not only does it effectively speed up your network but it also boasts an extremely easy installation process as well.

   6. Internet Speed Booster

This software contains a speed booster, a net pinger, and a ram booster as well. You can view everything view a friendly interface which allows you to optimize your settings and free up your memory.

   7. Connection Booster

This software is used in order to configure any type of modem – from Cable to LAN – in order to maximize performance. It allows for faster surfing of the internet, quicker file downloads, and enhanced online gaming.

   8. Internet Cell Boost

And last but not least there is the Internet Cell Boost software. This takes into account your connection type and your operating system in order to come up with the best way of boosting your transfer speed.

There are many ways you can increase your internet speed. Anyone of the eight software options mentioned in this article is recommended. Take the time to find the best solution for you personally.

Author bio – RS specializes in the area of research and development regarding internet speeds.She uses highspeed-internet.com to compare data of internet speeds in areas locally and nationally.
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QILING Disk master Pro – Perfect Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Tool

QILING Disk master Pro – Perfect Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Tool

Data availability is among the major challenges for normal users and businesses. Any certainty or unavoidable situations often leads to data loss and ultimately, ruining your business growth as the crucial data is gone missing.

Need of data backup and disaster recovery tools is always recommended and you should keep it handy to overcome even from the most challenging data loss circumstances. QILING Disk Master Pro is one such utility that helps you take easy data backup of your crucial documents or file records and prevent data loss situations. It’s completely automated utility to perform full, partial or differential data backup in just one click.

You can easily take data backup of important system partition(S), complete hard disk drive or files/folders of your choice. You can further compress backup files into ZIP format to save extra disk space.

Downloading and installing this data backup utility is extremely simple and will not take more than a minute. From the home screen, you can choose any of your desired function i.e. disk or partition backup, file backup, file zip or browse for old backup.


Simply click of ‘Backup Data’ if you just want to backup entire disk drive data. On the next window, you’ll be able to see all the connected drives and subsequent volumes to take data backup of important files. You’ll get full details about the backup drive size as well as the destination drive capacity to ensure successful backup operation. Further, you can schedule data backup operations to any particular day, week or month of your desire.  Additionally, you can perform sector by sector backup of data to ensure that nothing will be left including the damaged files or folders.


You can choose any particular files or folders to backup as this tool offers file level backup option too. Click on the file backup option from the software interface and you’ll be able to navigate around connected drives and can choose desired files or entire folder directory.


From the image above, you can see easily the selected folder is ‘Movies’ with its detailed capacity and exact size you’d have needed to create backup copy.

Moving to another tab called ‘Disk Management’ which allows moving or resizing partition, format, delete partition etc.


Moving ahead, you’ll locate another option entitled ‘Tools and Utilities’ that offers bunch of important tools to perform more disk related operations like cloning, disk migration, fix boot, file wipe or shredder and much more. Last but not least, you can also perform health status check of existing or connected media using ‘Disk health’ function of this tool.


QILING Disk Master Professional is available for 30 days free trial period to explore the functionality and side benefits. You can avail the full copy license at just $31.2 USD or professional license with lifetime free upgrades at just $41.65 USD. Keep in mind that copy will be licensed to only single PC. You may contact developer if you’ve requirement of license for multiple PCs.

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Data Recover from Crack or Broken Memory Card

Data Recover from Crack or Broken Memory Card

What will happen if your crucial data get deleted permanently by mistake from crack memory card before backup them? And perhaps most will confused and lost their minds. You think that your file is lost for forever, but there are so many alternative available which increases the possibility of recovery. Using these alternative methods file can be easily recovered without any issues. Here, I will share a perfect method which can help you in crack memory card recovery.


Note: If your memory card is crack then stop using it, do not format it and do not store more photos in it otherwise you could lost memory card or flash drive data. Contact to customer service for crack memory card recovery. And if this is also not working then try to search a recovery software that can recover your lost data without any issues.


Data Recovery from crack memory card depends on how seriously it is damaged. And if you try to make pressure on the parts of the card in order to combine them back together but your camera or card reader is not recognizing it then in that case data recovery software may be your best choice.
There are different types of memory card like SD, XD, and CF cards, these are mostly used in digital cameras in order to store multimedia files but can also be used to store files using notebook, mobile phones, PDAs and other portable devices.


Memory card are somewhat similar to USB flash drives as far as data storage capabilities are concerned, but when it comes to functionalities then they are vastly different. USB drives are used to backup data whereas memory card are used to expand the capacity of storage space to store the data of electronic devices such as mobile phones or camera. 

Memory card contain “flash memory chips” to store the data which function by handling a series of transistors with electrical currents. Basic data loss from memory card can be easily resolved by breaking their plastic enclosures and accessing the data directly from flash memory chips within. But, if your memory card is suffering from severe damage then further additional steps should be taken to ensure successful recovery. Another component of memory card is “Mass Storage Controllers” allows to communicate with whichever devices they are used in.Damage to memory card “mass storage controller” can be avoided by interacting directly with card’s “flash memory chip”, but if your card is encrypted then the data cannot be accessed at all until mass storage controller is fixed or replaced.

Few memory card like PNY-branded and microSD card are monolithic. In this type of memory card, all the internal components including “flash memory chip” and “mass storage controller”, are combined together into one single chip. Data recovery from these types of cards is somehow difficult, because in order to recover the data the surface of the chip should be detached first to display its circuits. This process is very subtle and a single mistake could result loss of data permanently.

In order to deal with these kind of issues you can try Data Recovery Software, the software is very easy and simple to use. The software supports different recovery modes like i.e. Deleted, Formatted, Partitioned, Raw and Create Disk Image Recovery Mode. Crack Memory Card Recovery can be easily done using this tool. The software also includes many advanced features that helps the user to recover and restore lost data from memory card. It supports all types of file formats and helps to recover data from lost or missing partitions. It has the capability to scan and recover data from above 3TB hard disks. And the most important thing is that this application can run on all Windows versions including Windows 10, simply connect your memory card with reader and you can get all your lost data in just a fraction of seconds.

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Useful Mobile Optimization Tips for Social Media Marketing

Useful Mobile Optimization Tips for Social Media Marketing
In this day and age, more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet than they are using their desktop and laptop computers. More specifically, consumers spend more time accessing social media from their mobile devices than any other electronic device. What’s more, mobile users are also known to share twice as much social media content compared to those who use desktops and laptops.

Therefore, a big part of your web monetization strategy requires you to focus on making the most of social media marketing to attract the attention and interest of mobile users. Social media is one of the best ways to target, interact, and engage your mobile audience.

Successful social media marketers are constantly thinking about how they can best use mobile-optimization to get more out of their social media posts from mobile consumers. The following are some tips on how you can do the same:

• Facebook tabs need to be accessible. An estimated 78% of US Facebook users access the social network at least one a month with their mobile. Therefore, an important part of marketing your business on social media is to have Facebook tabs. These tabs help mobile users to easily read and interact with each tab. There are different ways that you can create the tabs that you need. One of the simplest ways is to use a third-party app provider like Tabsite or ShortStack. 


• Use camera-dependent networks. Social media platforms like Vine and Instagram were created specifically for mobile devices. You can give your brand exposure on these platforms and reach the users who use them by taking pictures and video and immediately sharing these experiences with those who follow you. This is a great way to make an instant connection and boost sharing.

• Use location-based marketing to your advantage. You can tailor information based on a mobile user’s location. This gives you the advantage of providing ads, deals, etc. to users that apply to their location. Users can benefit and take immediate action on the information they receive, because it is relevant to wherever they happen to be.


• View your content as a mobile user. Don’t expect that everything you post will automatically look great in a mobile feed. View your sites, posts, etc. via your smartphone device as if you were a consumer to see exactly what mobile users are seeing. Make sure things look good before you post.

• Sharing is important. If you want mobile users to share what you post, make sure that they can easily do this from mobile devices. If there are too many steps involved, no one will share anything. Things need to be straightforward and as easy as a screen tap.

• Links need to be mobile-friendly. If you post a link, make sure it takes users to a mobile-friendly site. Non-mobile sites won’t display well on screens.

• Relevancy is important. Whatever posts you create on your social media sites, make sure that they are relevant to mobile visitors. Targeting mobile users means that what you advertise needs to not only appeal to them, but must apply to them, too.
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Review- PSD to HTML Converter, Easy Design to HTML Conversion

Review- PSD to HTML Converter, Easy Design to HTML Conversion
PSD to HTML Converter is best known to offer conversion services for Photoshop designs to HTML codes. Transforming innovative designs into absolute CMS integrated coded layouts would help web pages to upload easily in all sorts of web browsers.

Manual coding services can sometime bring error and bugs while converting Photoshop designs into HTML pages. This review reveals the potential benefits and the drawbacks of PSD to HTML Conversion services being carried out by the respective conversion firm.

Highlights of User Requirements
  • Several Photoshop layers collectively represents one single image, they need to be transformed into one single layer in HTML.
  • Fonts used in the PSD layout must remain in their original outlook along with line spacing, text alignment, subscript or superscript text, etc.
  • Output HTML code must be SEO friendly and with highly optimized features. It must be altered easily thereafter.

Functionality- PSD to HTML Converter
  • As Photoshop layout consists of PSD layers, HTML template also formed by several CSS or HTML layers. All visible layers are successfully encoded to HTML. Here, it is important to note that:

    -    All the text incorporated layers are transformed to the HTML text blocks
    -    Image encapsulated layers are converted to HTML image blocks

    Note: For a logo or a background, if several layers exist, it is important to group the layers and mark them with ‘#merge’ tag beforehand. The layers of the merge group will automatically be transformed to one single layer while conversion.
  • PSD to HTML Converter preserves the layout and structure of the text layers while conversion to HTML codes to a maximum extent.
  • For non-standard fonts, an image is created with alternative text against the text incorporated in the PSD layer. Service has an important feature that any of Google fonts are embedded automatically. I.e. in addition to text layers with standard web safe fonts any text with google fonts will be automatically converted as text.
  • In the HTML\ CSS output file, PSD layer group is transformed to a div block. It will be converted to "div" only in case it is not tagged like with #header, #header, #ul, etc. So, if it is tagged, for example, as #header then it will be converted as header tag.
PSD to HTML Converter offers Additional Features
While selecting the conversion format and features, the conversion firm allows selecting following attributes

The Layout
Layout type can be selected by marking any one option from the provided alternatives:

layout type

  • Fixed Width Layout
  • Flexible backgrounds
  • Flexible width layout
  • Let the service decide

Font size Units

Font size and properties can be selected by marking any one option among the given alternatives:

  • em
  • px
  • %
  • Rem (added recently)
Convert Text layers to Text
While initiating conversion from PSD design layers to HTML pages, the conversion firm ask to convert all text layers irrespective of standard and non-standard fonts to HTML font layers:

covert text layers to text
  • Yes
  • No

Text Direction
This feature is appropriate for the languages that are read from right to left direction such as Arabian language. So, appropriate option can be selected while conversion:

Text Direction
  • LTR (Left to Right)
  • RTL (Right to Left)
Remove Unused Images
PSD to HTML Converter offers this option to avoid conversion of redundant layers or data as this will save time. I have selected ‘Yes’ for this option:

remove unused images
  • Yes
  • No
Cons & Pros
  • Talking about the benefits, the conversion firm offers a couple of potential features that makes design to code journey successful and efficient.
  • There are no such drawbacks or shortcomings found in the conversion procedure or the final output.
  • There is PSD to HTML Conversion API is also available, but you’ll need to contact the owners first for more details.
  • PSD to HTML Converter firm have charged 3 USD for one single conversion.
  • Subscription to the services is offered for 1 day, 30 days or 60 days at a flat rate of 6.99, 19 and 99 USD respectively and unlimited PSD to HTML conversion can be availed. 

PSD to HTML Converter offers effective conversion features and delivers error free high grade coded pages, validated to W3C standards. Its price mechanism is quite impressive and affordable. Additional features being offered while conversion makes the tool even more scalable such as PSD file to HTML5 and CSS3 Code. Where shape layers are from PSD file are represented as CSS3 code in resulting markup. You can read more about CSS3 support.
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A Mobile Phone Spy app by Your Side Means No Worries at all

A Mobile Phone Spy app by Your Side Means No Worries at all
You have tried peeking through the key holes. You have stood outside your child’s bedroom for hours trying to eavesdrop on their conversation. You have gone through God knows what difficulties to make sure that your child is not into anything illegal or immoral.

                        XNSPY Cell Phone Spy

Well guys, I’ve got good news for you. No! I’ve in fact got‘Great’ news for you. Now you don’t need to go through any difficulties at all to get to know about your child’s activities. With the help of a mobile phone spy app like Xnspy, you can have access to the entire mobile phone data of your child anytime and from anywhere in the world.

What is Xnspy?
Wouldn’t you say that a spy software that helps you track the exact location of your child at any time and provides you detailed records of the cell phone usage of your child is praise worthy? To get started with Xnspy, you just need to sign-up for your Xnspy account. Next, you will download this mobile phone spy app in your child’s cell phone. Once you have received a username and password from Xnspy, you can access the entire cell phone data of your child through your Xnspy member’s area.

Amazing features:

Xnspy brings with it a few amazing monitoring features that tend to amaze everyone. With the help of these features:
  1. You can view all the SMS messages sent and received by your child. You can also view the messages saved in drafts.
  2. You can record the surroundings of your child’s cell phone whenever you want to.
  3. You can viewall the Contact numbers in your child’s Phonebook.
  4. You can view all the incoming and outgoing call records of your child. You can even record all the calls or any particular call if you wish to.
  5. You can trace the exact location of your child at any time you want to.
  6. You can view all the Pictures, Audio and Video files in your child’s cell phone.
  7. You can view the entire web browsing history of your child.
  8. You can view all the e-mails of your child.

This smart and cool mobile phone spy app is compatible with a wide range of mobile phone companies. These include:
  1. iPhone and all its models having an operating system of 6.0 or more. This includes all the iPhone models from iPhone 3G to iPhone 6 Plus.
  2. All the HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Oppo, Dell, Acer and other Android phones having an operating system of2.3 or higher than that.
  3. No worries:

Xnspy helps you find out all the information that you need to know in relation to your child’s mobile phone. Parents can take a sigh of relief now and relax all they want. This mobile phone spy app will take away all your worries.
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5 Best Free Registry Cleaner Like CCleaner & Wise Cleaner 2015

5 Best Free Registry Cleaner Like CCleaner & Wise Cleaner 2015
Using Registry cleaner is indeed a great way to get rid of invalid or faulty registries that sluggish the performance of your PC or system and forced you to deploy a fresh installation copy. Don’t worry if you’re facing slow PC performance or programs behaving abnormally. There are free registry cleaner programs that can detect all the invalid entries on your PC and removes them carefully without affecting the performance of your PC.

Why Registry Cleaner program still works?
There are various online content available stating that uses of registry cleaner software didn’t affect performance of PC at all. I’m not denying the fact but registry cleaner is still useful when you unknowingly installed any malicious or faulty third party program that damaged some of your crucial registry entries. It’ll also help you restore registries that have been corrupt or damaged due to faulty application installation.

Free Registry cleaner software used to detect any or all the invalid entries from your PC and removes them after your confirmation. Invalid registries are created by third party or faulty program that suppose to be outdated or corrupt and remains at the same place even after completing erasing the programs from installed software list.

When you can Use registry cleaner software?
There are various occasions when you face slow PC performance, blue screen errors or invalid error pop up coming on the screen on your Windows. These kind of errors are often derived by faulty registries and using free registry cleaner programs, you can easily fix them and regain the actual PC speed. 

• When  Blue screen appears again and again
• Unknown errors pops out again and again
• Facing extremely slow PC performance
• Sudden system restarts
• Startup failure loop

Please find the list of 5 best free registry cleaner like CCleaner and Wise Cleaner that can helps you restore the actual PC performance right away:

Eusing Free registry cleaner


Eusing is an open source registry cleaner that works well with all the latest version of Windows and safely fixes modern registry errors. With Eusing, you can repair almost any number of invalid registry entries in minutes.

Eusing safely remove program leftovers or files header that resides even after the file permanent deletion.  Unlike other freeware registry cleaner programs, you’ll find this program adware free and 100% safe for your PC.

Cleanersoft Free Registry Fix


Yet another free registry cleaner that performs exceptionally well and above all registry cleaner programs. It gets easily installed on machine running any latest version of Windows OS and automatically detects as well as repairs all the corrupt or damaged registry entries. Cleanersoft is pretty good at discovering all the malicious entries created by faulty programs that use to left registries abrupt normal functioning of your system.

Glarysoft Registry Repair Freeware


Glarysoft is tested and fully operational registry cleaner that works well in your latest Windows operating system i.e. Windows 10 and can detect incorrect entries that other registry cleaner might skip. This free registry cleaner app will perform little deeper scanning to fix all the recently created unauthorized or invalid registry entries and helps you achieve maximum PC performance by removing all the junk files. This way, you’ll also be getting more disk space and maximum resource utilization.

Little Registry Cleaner


Little registry cleaner is absolutely free registry cleaner app available for fixing any kind of invalid Microsoft registry entries that isn’t digitally signed or originated from non-trusted sources. It’ll improve the stability of your PC as well as experience of maximizing the PC performance.

Before removing registries or repairing them, it’ll backup the entire registries to ensure that you can safely rollback if anything goes wrong. This free registry cleaner app would able to repair registry that is beyond the scope of recovery. It’s available in 17 different languages and compatible with only 64-bit version of Windows.

Kingosoft PC Doctor


Another hit registry cleaner program in the list that exactly does as explained. This registry cleaner app isn’t limited or removing or fixing registries but also scans your PC for malicious programs or files that have somehow altered the smooth functioning of your PC.

Have you tried different registry cleaner that is free and not in the list? Care to share it with our audience and we’ll try to cover or add in the article if it passes all the benchmark of TW.
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Pandel Handle Review – Every Handel Needs a Pandle

Pandel Handle Review – Every Handel Needs a Pandle
Pandle Overview
Remarkable step taken by Jason while standing on the NYC subway, created hand care equipment that takes care of dust from all the touchable things. It could be pole, escalators and various other physical equipment that have high amount of germs. These equipment were in contact by various human beings that highly increased the risk of transmitting germs between one to another person.

Pandle was created to eliminate risks of transmitting germs and to keep you safe from probable risks. These germs are often active on crowded pubic areas that have vast amount of commuters traveling on daily basis. Human body can be easily infected through germs and could cause severe health diseases like vomiting/diarrhea .

Fending off germs
Pandle is created using perfect blend of rubber, antibacterial solution and tight gripping to ensure easiness as well as maximum protection. Jason development team has taken over 9 months to come up with this solid product that provides high level of comfort while uses and maximum protection against fighting germs or other bacterial agents.

Finally, Jason has lunched and this product 7 months back, In February 2015. With a huge start, Pandle gain the deserving popularity within a few months of its launch. 

Uses Scope

Using Pandle is extremely easy and performance, at par. Anyone with hygienic mindset can start using Pandle and suggest their loved ones to avoid Germs infecting them.  There are various public uses and transportation system where use of Pandle is highly recommended. These includes :
  1. Public Transportation
  2. Airports
  3. Hospitals
  4. Fitness Centers
Above mentioned places or commute system has overcrowded public who doesn’t even bother to think that how many germs they’ve actually transmitted to others. Most of them don’t even wash their hands before eating or drinking which are the main causes of germs infections.

Product Features
Below mentioned are the common features of Pandle:

Colors: Pandle is available in different colours to choose from such as Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Red. .
Size: Pandle is perfectly sized to cover the entire hand area and ensures that you never get in contact with germs.
Quality: Made up of using rubber coated with nano-silver which has anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria on the product. 
Portable: Carrying Pandle is as easy as your wallet or dairy. Pandle can be folded into small square and carry it on your pocket.
Comfortable: This product is perfect wearable equipments for your hands and easily fit in just like your gloves.
Reusable: Use it multiple times several times in a day without degrading its protection.
Cleanable: Pandle is cleanable too. Just use antibacterial soap and water to clean it. Then use dryer to dry it for immediate reuse.

Connect with Pandle
You can connect with social communities talking about Pandle and be a fan on the social media channels of Pandle mentioned below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pandlehandle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pandlehandle
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pandle-inc-
Instagram: https://instagram.com/pandlehandle/

Pandle is available at extremely low cost and can be afforded easily, $6.99 USD. Once you’ve chosen to purchase Pandle, select your desired Pandle colour and click on Shop Now. Proceed to check out process and Pandle will be delivered at your doorstep within few working days.

Pandle uses is huge and recommended for every personal who’s taking help of daily transportation to commute between different places. You can make your friends or family safe by suggesting this extremely helpful utility.
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10 Best PSD to HTML Conversion Services You can Try in 2016

10 Best PSD to HTML Conversion Services You can Try in 2016
What are the best services you can choose to convert PSD to HTML in limited budget and in specified time? Similar questions might have been asked by thousands of users in all over the web and they always get puzzled when it comes to decide the best PSD to HTML converter among the rest.

We’ve compiled here a list of 10 most popular PSD to HTML services that can help you easily convert any number of PSD to web page format. These PSD to HTML services will take care of everything of a website from designing to web page load time and interface to easy user navigation. Additionally, these services have years of experience in converting high quality PSD files into HTML format with best look and feel.

You can choose any of the PSD to HTML service without any doubt as the service listed here have proven track records and I’m personally in touch with few of them.

Check out the great list below and share your thoughts in the comment section or leave feedback about any PSD to HTML service you’ve choose previously and really satisfied with overall output:


P2H Inc. has remarkable experience and successful track records in delivering over 1200 projects. Professionals at P2H will make your design converted into HTML and various other formats including CMS and custom developed websites. Converted HTML5/CSS3 files support cross browser compatibility and would be responsive against devices of various screen resolutions.

P2H charges little huge amount on every single page conversion ($99 USD) and home page ($199) but that can be justified with the quality and speedy service you’ll receive from them. You can make HTML files responsive at an extra cost of $49 USD.



Best SEO Friendly HTML Page design or PSD to HTML conversion has been done in CMC for pretty long back. I’m not endorsing them but they deserve these lines based on the feedback that hundreds of customers had left.

CMS is little expensive and can design or code different type of PSD in HTML at just $99 and $79 for sub-pages.

Webby Monks 


With true designing concepts and an integral quality, Webby Monks facilitate list of benefits including interactive HTML/XHTML designing, W3C Validated, truly hand coded (no software used), cross browser compatibility, perfect compatible with range of mobile or hand held devices  and others.

You can check out the samples right away and fill up the contact form to get customized quote. They are pretty good at replying fast to user queries and helping them in all aspects of converting PSD into HTML. There are other services has been offered by Webby Monks i.e. PSD to WordPress, WooCommerce implementation, bootstrap etc.

Markup Service 


Ask them for ‘PSD to HTML’, ‘PSD to Email Template’, ‘PSD to CMS Theme’ or any other type of markup service you’d be seeking. Their plans start from $146 for first page and then reduce to $88 for internal pages. With mentions at some big brand names, you can trust this markup service as one of its own kind for generating high quality PSD to HTML conversions.

Here’s what makes Markup Service stand ahead of the competition:

  1. Fast PSD to HTML conversion service
  2. Discount and offers may be available
  3. Money back guarantee
  4. Super fast and trouble free customer support service through emails and chats.

SPARX IT Solutions 


Delivered over 13000+ projects and new height of client satisfaction ratio, SPARX professionals always take care of UX/UI designing and produce best in class web pages out of your PSD files. You can follow simple steps to get your PSD files converted into HTML File in short span of time: Contact > Developed > Tested > Delivered.

For more details, you can contact them directly to get exact price figure.

Markup Cloud


It’ll be a perfect fit if you’re looking for highest quality markup service to convert into PSD to HTML or XHTML. Have dedicated professionals (over 150) and convert PSD using HTML/XHTML/HTML5 using CSS2.1 and CSS3.
  1. SEO Compatible design process
  2. Responsive conversion to HTML templates that gets easily fit into any of CMS
  3. Maximum support up time through mails, chats and toll free number.

HTML Blender


This PSD to HTML conversion service will help convert your PSD files into valid W3C HTML files, absolutely hand coded. They will also help you integrate designs into any popular CMS platform you are using like Wordpress, Joomla, Majento etc.

Below are the highlighted features of HTML blender:
  1. Integrate PSD into custom designs, template or skins
  2. Perfect if you want fixed time delivery.
  3. Provide great discounts if you’ve multiple pages to convert



You can submit any project or order with W3 Markup to immediate quote and the total charges you’ll need to pay once the PSD to HTML conversion service is completed. Plans starts from $192 USD and get reduced with ordering internal pages.

  1. W3 Markup is also into complete website design and Email campaign designs to attract huge customer base.
  2. Already highlighted on on the popular marketplace like Microsoft, Mashable, SMASHING and Quicksprout.


Pretty experienced in developing any kind of PSD files into HTML templates. Total turnaround time they take will not be more than 8 hours. Designed HTML/HTML5 templates will be supported across all the modern browser like Safari, Mozilla, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome (up to 38.0)



Exactly as the stated, you’ll no longer need to pay upfront cost. HTMLBurger will ask for payments only once you satisfied with overall job. Super confidential for freelancers mid sized businesses that wants fast PSD to HTML conversion for their own website or for their clients.

 Deciding inexpensive and quality PSD to HTML Service can be little tricky and requires background check. It’s advisable to read feedback and results from previous customers before handing over PSD files to such services.

Have you got good results with any other PSD to HTML company/service  that aren’t listed here, get it share with us and we’ll cover that in this post!!

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Another Acquistion Made by AOL, Acquires Kanvas Lab Photos and Messaging Startup

Another Acquistion Made by AOL, Acquires Kanvas Lab Photos and Messaging Startup
Kanvas Lab, recently announced their instant messaging and photos editing apps is now acquired by  AOL  deals in news, movies reviews, technology updates etc.

Kanvas holds three popular smartphone apps: Photo editing apps for creative editing in photos and Kanvas Keyboard which you can use to send GIFs and stickers in between any going conversation. Kanvas for messenger is among the favorite for startups which will integrates any startup products into Facebook messenger. Photo app from Kanvas has received the splendid response, 1 million app has been downloaded so far.

Financial terms has yet not been disclosed (don't expect it as well) but the entire Kanvas team will be joining AOL at its headquarters in New York city. Additionally, AOL also plans to integrate their products with Kanvas App to receive immediate boost.

More news at AOL .
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12 Best Time Tracking Apps that Could Save the Day

12 Best Time Tracking Apps that Could Save the Day

Why Time Tracking Software?

Using online time tracking software, you can analyze or calculate the exact hours of work you’ve applied on project, client or employee. Currently, there are many apps or desktop applications available that could help you monitor the productive hours of employee or even help you identify the currently active tasks on the employee system. 

This is indeed a great way to save you or your company from reducing unproductive hours and stay ahead in the competition.  I believe that employee time tracking software could enhance the productivity of an employees by guiding them to stay active maximum number of hours and thus, you’ll be more close to your business goals or deliver projects faster.

What are the time tracking apps in the list?

You can best 10 online time tracking software that are pretty popular these days and considered to be the most reliable platform in terms of security and user data privacy. Most apps or desktop based applications support availability on the go or through mobile which makes you proactive all day towards your business goals.

#1. Clockspot
Best app available to track employee time from anywhere. You can easily manage the time sheets in real time or complete payroll tasks in minutes.

Now you don't need to worry about managing your valuable employee time or wasting hours of effort in completing payroll tasks. Have this tool to finish all the complicated tasks at work at your finger tips.

#2. Paymo
Paymo reserved the top position in the list with maximum inbuilt features and easiness. We’ve scaled and gone through over 100 of online time tracking apps and measured its effectiveness. Paymo works best if you are into freelance journalism or running small business by monitoring the accurate time you’ve spent working on client projects or any internal work.

                     web based time tracking software

  1. Automated time tracking tools for accurately billing clients and make your charges reasonable.
  2. Accurate timesheet reports with an easy start and stop function
  3. All the work log will be easily recorded with pretty accurate start and end time.
  4. Small desktop app to easily record everything, available for Windows & Mac both.
  5. Manage everything on your timesheets and view data in familiar calendar style design with days, week or month views.
  1. Can edit time entries yourself right into the desktop app which clearly doesn’t seems good sign.
  2. Accurate but not that much in filtering the time spent on any specific websites. It’ll skip time you’re logged onto secure browser windows like incognito in Chrome.
#3. WorkPlus

                                  web based time tracking software
  1. Pretty good at monitoring apps, websites or even the currently active window.
  2. Monitor everything online in real time or keep it recorded so you can track time later.
  3. Easy to setup and perfect for users with beginner level of expertise.
  4. Available for any latest version of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or XP.
#4. Toggl
Simple yet insanely powerful and free time tracking software with paid plans that lets you keep track of everything on your fingertips. You can make it truly yours by customizing the backed codes and see only things that matters to you in timesheet.

                                web based time tracking software
  1. Improves productivity by prioritizing tasks that crucial for your business and lets you focus only on important tasks.
  2. Enhance your analysis skills by presenting customized set of Windows and lets you track every single minute of working hours.
  3. Completely cloud based time tracking software but with capability to use over web, as a desktop widget or on your mobile.

#5. Time Doctor
This one is pretty accurate at time tracks completely in web interface.

                            web based time tracking software
  1. Set everything up in minutes using step by step wizard.
  2. Pretty accurate employee time tracking software with detailed project analysis, how many hours you’ve to any particular project.
  3. It can set reminders, record screen. Invoicing capability, automatically generate and send reports, timesheet managing etc.
#6. TimeClock Manager
Everything in control with TimeClock Manager and complete employee time tracking utility.

                               web based time tracking software
  1. Set individual pay and rule with customized tab interface
  2. Small time tracking app that works well across varied industry needs and different niches.
  3. Everything will be upload the TimeClock official website and reduce extra costs
  4. Available as per employee license software and will be valid for lifetime period. You’ll be billed at the end of the year for any additional licenses added during the period.
#7. Tsheets                                 web based time tracking software
  1. Record employee location using GPS enabled mobile devices once they logged into their system.
  2. Complete web based time tracking software that works with different size capacity of business.
  3. Track everything online and whatever you need using the mobile app available for iPhone and Android users.
  4. Easily notify employee about overtime, project completions or overdue using emails, text messages, twitter messages etc.
  5. Detailed and comprehensive timesheets for employee payroll including the working and non-working hours.
#8. Timeneye                             web based time tracking software
  1. As like others, Timeneye is also a web based time tracking app that helps you manage everything while sitting anywhere.
  2. Easily grasp how things work using intuitive interface. Start counter whenever you are ready and stop when it’s done.
  3. Pretty advanced features for admin role users who can control and increase employee productivity on project they are working.
  4. Better project monitoring by avoiding unnecessary hours on any assigned projects in real time.
  5. Employee collaboration on timesheets which include the details about working hours given on any projects. That helps employee grade themselves and better decide their productivity impact.

#9. Clockodo                                     web based time tracking software clockodo
  1. Clear and visibly appealing reports helps you and your employee watch over the time spent on any given projects.
  2. Instantly track times categorized under different roles in your company like customers, projects or occupations.
  3. Customize and make it truly yours by defining things only you need to watch over under ‘Settings’ option of this web based time tracking app.
#10. Replicon                                 web based time tracking software replicon
  1. Perfect fit if you are facing compliances within the company. It’ll record every single seconds of employee working as well as the attendance and generate detailed timesheets at the end of the month.
  2. Currently, web app available for iOS and Android users for using Replicon on mobile phones.
  3. Don’t take worries of incremented data storage issues, Replicon will store everything up for in their cloud based platform which is secure and has maximum up time servers.
#11. GetHarvest  

                                 web based time tracking software harvest
  1. First time tracking application in the list that designed to make your employee comfortable while handling tasks.
  2. Better timesheets managing capability every employee need with neat and tidy interface.
  3. Real time access to reports so you can better track ongoing projects in the company and plan budget or time accordingly.
#12. Workforce                             web based time tracking software workforce
  1. Integrated with HR and payroll options to better decide employee salary.
  2. Schedule daily shifts for your employee (s) and get them notified instantly.
  3. Currently, only phone and email support is available (no chat options).


                          web based time tracking software yanomo
  1. With 17 days free trail, you can start using Yanomo online time tracking software as low as $5 / month.
  2. You can take the tour anytime to get yourself better understand how easy is it to using Yanomo.
  3. Integrated calendar to see how many hours you’ve given on any particular project.
  4. Integrated invoicing features lets your client get notified the exact hours you’ve worked on.
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Check for Virus Infected Files Online using VirtusTotal

Check for Virus Infected Files Online using VirtusTotal
While surfing net, we may have came across files that our antivirus program tends to block. These files have been created to infect your PC and infect your PC. later, It'll be the only record that breas everything into your PC and steal your crucial documents.

See the image below of an email I've received few days back that states somebody has shown interest in working with me on a project. I don't know how this guy got my email and what kind of project he's talking about. Still, I'd rather not work with someone I don't know or even share my details.

Similar emails has been used to trick users to download any particular files on their computer/PC and open it. As soon as you open the attached document, it'll inject malicious codes onto your system that will share everything from the system and upload it to their servers.

To be safe side, just unplug internet connection (your LAN cable or modem you are using to connect to internet) and run Antivirus program. If you don't know how to deal with such malicious files, consider seeing an expert help.

How to check for infected files (PDF, Word, Excel etc.) Online?

I'd recommend you to check almost every files you've download over web, before opening it into your system. VirtusTotal is a free online tool that helps you check files for its consistency and your safety.

You can directly upload any file to VirusTotal and click on 'Scan It!'. Wait for few seconds (it may take little longer if the file size is large) till this online tool completes scanning.


This tool will scan for virus infected files using over 200 online file scanning tools to let you know if the files is safe to open or not.

If you've any specific tools to search for the safety of downloaded documents,feel free to share it in the comment section.

Have a great day!!!
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