6 Reasons Why Every Computer User Needs Data Backup Software

Data backup software isn't just something that large companies need to use. In fact, there are many reasons as to why home and small business users should make backup copies of their important files. Here are just a few of them.

1. The Increasing Amount of Data Stored Electronically

During the last decade, the amount of data that is stored electronically has grown exponentially. Family photos, tax and accounting documents, as well as user-created media such as home videos are now stored almost entirely in electronic format. Losing some of these important files could have catastrophic consequences.
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2. Mistakes Happen

Sometimes files get deleted by accident. It happens quite often that a computer user deletes the wrong file, or mistakenly believes that they don't need a certain file anymore. Having a backup copy of all their important files will allow a computer user to quickly recover data that has been deleted by accident. Otherwise, they would need to use data recovery software to try to rescue any files that have been deleted.

3. Storage Devices Can Fail

It is true that hard drives have become a lot more reliable in the last few years and are thus much less likely to fail. However, even newer storage media like solid state drives and USB flash drives are prone to hardware failure or accidental damage. No matter how modern or well-made they are, any device used to store data could suffer a failure that may cause the information contained within it to become inaccessible. Depending on the extent of the damage, files might be recovered by data recovery software in some cases. In others, you would need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for professionals to attempt to recover the files. A better solution would be to simply use data backup software to make copies of any important files before a disk failure happens.

4. Computers and Storage Media Can Get Lost or Stolen

This is especially the case with laptops which are a prime target for thieves and are also sometimes forgotten by their owners in public places. Mobile storage media, such as CDs and DVDs, portable hard drives and USB flash memory sticks are very convenient to move data from one place to the next, but are also among the items that are the most frequently lost by users. Sometimes, losing the data on a device could end up being far more costly than what the device itself was worth.

5. Viruses and Security Breaches Can Cause Data Loss

Infections by various pieces of malware and attacks by malicious hackers can lead to data being destroyed or corrupted. Security breaches can affect anyone. Anybody that has been following the news recently will see that even large companies and government agencies that had access to top quality security tools and a staff of IT professionals working around the clock had been the victims of malware attacks. Backup software can ensure that even if your systems are compromised, a copy of your important files will be there.

6. Data Backup Solutions Are Inexpensive and Easy to Use

There are many data backup software tools on the market today that can make automatic backup copies of your data. As this software is relatively inexpensive and very easy to use, there is really no excuse not to backup your files anymore.

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