Biggest Revolution in Graphic Designing within Last Few Years

Graphic designing is one of the most required professions in advertising since it is the method of attracting customers to sell products. It is an art which required special skills. Just knowing about the graphic designing software won’t help in graphic designing for a professional. It needs an excellent eye in color matching and arranging shapes to generate attractive design. The design can be a logo, banner, business card, Social media cover image (Facebook cover images, Twitter covers, Google plus covers or Linkedin cover images) or an email image. Irrespective of the design the person who is designing should have specialized skills.

Since it needs specialized skills, the professionals charged a lot for a small design. Simply even a small banner costs a lot for the client. But during last few years with the advancement of the internet things started to change. The video tutorials on web make the process of learning easy and less expensive. The pirate software copies and much cheaper software provided the platforms to design different graphics easily. In current context Adobe products (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and etc.) are considered as the best graphic designing software since they have advanced function capability. But still there are a lot of products which provide easy and reliable platforms in graphic designing. 

The advancement of internet made world small and brought the buyer close to the seller with few simple mouse clicks. Currently lots of graphic designing websites provide online payments through different payment systems including direct payments through credit cards. This changed the entire graphic designing industry and made things easier. The Skype provide the best platform to communicate with the seller in visual format. This is the magic did by internet. 

With this improvement foreign customers are able to reach the local sellers within seconds. The improved online payment systems (Paypal, Payoneer, Money bookers, payza and etc) made it easy for them to purchase local sellers products. Different shipping systems made it easy for sellers to deliver the product by staying at their own home.  This made the revolution in almost all the professional industries. This affected the graphic designing industry equally. Therefore the customers are able to find the best quality products for the cheapest price. But with the time people started to cheat their clients. They made different platforms and started different services. But they didn’t serve the customer well after placing the order. Therefore customers were reluctant to buy services unless they have a good reputation.

This change affects the graphic designing field a lot. The clients were able to get best quality logos, banners and other products for low price. Lot of sellers, lot of products and lot of cheaters are on web. Who to trust is still a biggest problem not only in graphic designing industry but also in all the other industries. It is up to you to decide.

But still there is a hope. I think it is important to write about the best graphic designing site I came across. It is known as Cattleya Graphics. They are designing logos, banners, website headers, business cards, Social media covers for cheap price. They have a customer base over 2,000 all over the world. And they use the latest technology to serve best to their clients with easy payment system through Paypal. The amazing quality of the products with fastest delivery time has speed up their popularity throughout the web. Therefore purchasing on Cattleya Graphics is not a waste of money, it is kind of investment.

Hope you got some idea on the change of graphic designing industry during last few years. And still it is important to select a best company to design your logo, banner or other graphic designing product. Hope this will help on deciding where to go.

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