SQL Server Database Backup and Monitoring Tool - SQLBak

Backups are the backbone of any business to run smoothly and analyze progress. The same thing applies to database backups and it is also crucial to manage it efficiently such as maintaining latest database backups, restoring them after data loss and monitoring it regularly etc.

SQLBak (http://sqlbak.com/) is an amazing utility that can successfully address all your needs and ensures you the presence of latest database backups and accessible over web.

Manufacturer claims that the software delivers the following features:
  • Scheduled backup for your running SQL database in organization or work station.  You can schedule SQL backup to any convenient time to be performed on daily basis. Moreover, you can set your Email to receive success or failure confirmation message.
  • Allows you to restore backups from portable devices such as smartphones or tablets using the browser.
  • Enables user to save backup copy to various cloud hosting websites such as Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3 , OneDrive and Azure Blob Storage (Available on or after September 2014).

    SQLBak-Set Destination
  • Beside this, you can also choose your local folders to stored SQL Backups, such as internal hard drive of your computer. Moreover, you can click on ‘Advanced folder settings’ to send full, differential, transaction or folder backups.

  • You can also monitor the SQL server performance and track the job progress immediately as well as fix problems as soon as it happens. 

How it Works
Working with SQLBak is relatively simple and takes minimum possible time. Download the setup file provided from manufacturer and install it any latest running SQL Server computer. Meanwhile, you’ll need to register a new account to get your personalized and very own dashboard to manage, schedule or maintain SQL server backup copy. Take note of a generated serial key generated during the signup process. 


You’ll need it to activate the program and match the source and destination of SQL backup copy.

Click on ‘Connect’ after entering the serial key. The activation process will begin right after.


If the connection was successful, you’ll receive a confirmation dialog box and window the one given below:

Further steps need to be performed on the online dashboard. You can use it set source computer where SQL backup copy was stored. However, make sure you’ve any or all the required parameters such as ‘SQL Server Name’ as well as authentication method, either Windows or SQL server authentication. 

SQLBak-Enter parameters

Conclusion: 10 Out of 10 (Recommended)
SQLBak is the most powerful and advanced utility to take backups in real time and secure proof it by storing on cloud hosting websites that has relatively slim chances of getting your files lost or accidentally removed. Moreover, it also offers compression technology to lower the size of backup copy and get maximum storage capacity against the cloud hosting website or local storage drive. 

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December 6, 2014 at 9:44 PM

Very useful post for taking database backup. Is there any option to take incremental backup too ?