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Backup applications are significantly more important than any other tools these days. It helps Mac users to restore data after accidental deletion or formatting of important files and documents from the hard drive or similar storage device.
Mac Backup Guru from MacDaddy is a popular utility for Mac (10.7 or higher) users and helps create reliable backup disk which you can trust on. Main features of this software are described below:

Mac Daddy
Cloning is a process of making exact copy of source disk to the destination disk, by copying all your data sector by sector. Use this tool to simply copy the entire contents of the source disk to destination disk which should be of same or higher capacity. Keep in mind that the software won't delete any data stored on the destination drive and the files already stored there will be intact. 

P.S. The Finder doesn't make reliable clone of your Mac volume or imortant files and folders. This software is much more capable and more efficient than the Finder and performs accurate clone that is durable and ensure that not a single file will be missed. 

Initially, cloning procedure may takes time longer time than expected depending on the size of the source drive. However, subsequent cloning will be smoother and much faster by using synchronization feature of this software. Instead of cloning the source disk from scratch, it'll only copy files to the destination disk that were changed recently since the last cloning operation was performed. It'll help Mac users to always have the latest backup with all your recently update files added already. Drive syncing usually takes 2 facts into consideration while updating the subsequent backup copy:

1. It'll update files or folders, if there size is different on the source drive and destination drive.
2. It'll update files or folders, it there modification date is different on the source drive and the destination drive.

In both the cases mentioned above, software can easily track changes and ensure that file has been changed as well as needs to be updated on the destination disk.


Mac Backup Guru MacDaddy

Mac Backup Guru offers intuitive interface and wizard based steps to make process easier for beginners as well as for advanced users. Download and install this software from manufacture website ( On the home screen of this software, you’ll find ‘source’ and ‘destination’ folder icon located at left and right corner subsequently. Moreover, 'Backup and Incremental snapshot' button is located at the middle of both the icon, just below the directional arrow that points towards the ‘destination’ icon.  To begin creating backups/cloning, just click on the button and Backup Guru will perform its task right after.

The Verdict - 10 Star out of 10

Mac Backup Guru is relatively simple as compare to any other backup or cloning utility. It is as easy to operate as manufacturer claims and makes your mac data backup process simpler than ever. It costs you around $39 USD which can be easily justified by the nature and level of result  it delivers.

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September 3, 2014 at 6:07 AM

Optimized Mac performs better in accessing files and folders. Regular scanning for deleting unwanted stuff and organization of drive space intelligently does not seem to be fruitful. There are plenty of drive defrag tools available for optimizing Mac. Be careful to analyse and choose the best one because any wrong step may cause data loss and regain Mac data will be again a headache.