Mobile Phones Evolution: From Traditional to Modern Phones

Martin Cooper, one of the leaders in very initial cellular technology development once stated, “When you park your car and leave, you can’t use your mobile, but you can take your portable with you”. He along with his team at Motorola was working to produce a wireless portable mobile phone and he successfully did this.

September 21, 1983, was the day when Motorola made a significant addition to human history. They introduced the very first commercially available handheld portable device in the form Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. They spent a fortune approximately about $ 100 million and 10 years of extensive experimentation before they were able to achieve this landmark. Yes, it was big, heavy, and very expensive costing around $10,000 if calculated in today’s currency. But it was the most wanted and wished product at that point.

This innovative portable technology changed the world of communication and opened new horizons for folks interested in portable communication technologies. Whole world witnessed the great potential which this product had and it was the time when other companies jumped in and a race started to win more market share started. This race fired the evolutionary process in mobile technology and the living witnessed one of the most rapid evolutions in human history. I found an interesting video in which StealthLuck showed this gradual yet fast paced evolution. As of now, in 2014, we all know that cellular companies are putting in their best to come with some new features and incorporation of other interesting products into the cell phones. The beauty is that we have found smart phones our best friends as an outcome of this race. 

Interestingly, it appears that this evolution will continue to bring great products. And we will continue to enjoy these amazing products.      

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