When Should a Business Switch to Off-Site Data Storage?

The majority of businesses today are starting to migrate to online and cloud-based services. Something that can help many businesses is off-site data storage of critical information. The information is stored in a professional data center where it can be accessed remotely at any time by the client. There are several instances when businesses should consider switching to off-site data storage.

Data Volumes Are Increasing

Most businesses today will reach a point where the amount of data stored on in-house systems exceeds the capacity of the infrastructure. This is when businesses should switch to off-site data storage. Increasing in-house storage could require building completely new server rooms. This can be costly especially when trying to meet industry standards. Off-site storage services already have the equipment and staff in place. They can expand data storage space in the future as needed. This is a much simpler and more economical option than growing in-house storage.

Access Is Needed From Multiple Locations
Many in-house data storage systems are completely local and do not provide outside access to information. If a business expands and opens new locations, then sharing data could become problematic. A much better option is to start using an off-site data center. Off-site centers can be accessed from any location through a capable system. Expanding businesses will not need to worry about new information technology infrastructure costs and complexities as the company grows.

Heightened Security Concerns
Any small violation of a storage system or server can cause heightened security concerns within a business. These concerns should be taken very seriously since larger systems become more vulnerable to attacks and breaches. Businesses with concerns about security should start migrating to an off-site storage service like those with MapADataCenter.com. These services can protect data from online threats and real-world threats like fires and floods. This will ensure there is never a catastrophic loss of data.

Backups Are Becoming Problematic
Large and complex data backups can start to strain resources and cause problems for in-house staff. If backups are becoming problematic, then it is time to switch to off-site data storage. Many of these services provide automatic nightly or weekly backups that are performed without any actions from the client. The backups are secure in an off-site location where they cannot be stolen or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Limited Space
One final reason to consider off-site data storage is if space is limited. New employees or growing departments could limit the space available in a building. Maintaining a server room or building a new one is impractical in these situations. Off-site data storage will preserve space and give the business more room to grow.

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