How to Choose the Right Laptop for Your Needs

Choosing the right laptop for your needs has never been a more interesting or complicated choice. The last few years have seen several major overhauls in the laptop market. These changes have led to an even greater variety of choices for laptop buyers. This brief guide will give you the major guidelines you should consider when making your next laptop purchase.

Size and Weight
A laptop’s size and weight are still one of the most important decisions when buying. Laptops are meant to be portable but deliver more power and functionality than a tablet. As tablets become increasingly more powerful and more popular, this has become harder to do, but it has also given rise to a huge range of size options for laptops.

Very small laptops like the Ultrabook weigh in at barely two pounds, but deliver far more computing power than an a tablet. This compact power comes at a very steep price, however. Most highly compact laptops that still have good functionality are priced over $1,200. You have to decide if that extra functionality is worth an additional $400-$600 compared to a tablet.

The Hybrid
The most startling change to laptops is the creation of laptops that act like tablets. These laptops usually have rotatable or even removable touch screens, so they work like tablets, but they are still loaded with Windows programs and laptop functions. The arrival of Windows 8 means that these computers run even more like a tablet than ever before, since the new Windows OS is designed to function more like a mobile OS. These hybrids may be the best bet for the average user that likes the handle of a tablet, but doesn’t want to do all of their work on one.

Work, School or Gaming?
Laptops are far more appropriate for work and school where the tasks are generally less graphically intensive. They can deliver high quality web browsing, word processing, picture management and video, but built-in graphics cards are far inferior to those found in desktops. Having a laptop suitable for gaming demands a far larger system than the average, and cooling is a constant problem with laptops. For the average gamer who is okay running programs on medium graphics, a larger laptop with a decent built-in card will be acceptable. A hardcore gamer should strongly consider not getting a laptop at all because the hardware for performance will ultimately be cheaper on a desktop.

Finally, you will want to choose a brand that is dependable and comes with a good warranty. Laptops are far more prone to damage and breakage than desktops. You will also want to check out experts such as computer support in Columbus to be sure you have a reliable service option available for your laptop.

When you go shopping for you next laptop, always prepare a list of your needs, wants and the price you are willing to pay. Armed with that list and the knowledge in this guide, you will be able to find the perfect laptop for you.

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