5 Items to Travel without to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft is more common than one would wish to believe and we should all be prepared and stay on top of our identity to avoid issues. One of worst and most common times to have your identity stolen is when you travel. When traveling, we all carry personal items from our passports to driver’s license and personal checks. It is very important that we carry only the essential items so that we have exactly what we need and a criminal does not have access to any items that could give them our identity. Below are five items that you should never travel with or you will be at great risk for identity theft.

Social Security Card-

One item that you should never travel with is your social security card. Many people, especially men, tend to travel with their social security card. This card is a valuable possession. It has power like no other piece of information you have. With a social security card, you can get an ID, a credit card, a bank account, a loan and so much more. It is essential that you keep your social security card locked up in a safe place, At Home! If you must travel with your social security card for any reason, find out if you can have a copy of your card. Make a copy and destroy it as soon as possible.

Bank Account Information-

It is also important that you do not travel with any bank account information. Bank records, bank account numbers and the like should stay at home. If someone was to get your bank account information, they could set up accounts online and gain access to the cash you have. They could take small amounts over time so you never notice or they could wipe you out entirely. It is important that you keep all bank account information in a safe place. This includes a check book. If you must write a check, carry only one or two in a safe place where it will be least likely to be stolen.

Security Passwords-

It is also important to keep security passwords off your person. Never carry around passwords for your credit card accounts, bank accounts, PayPal, etc. If any of these passwords came into the wrong possession, you could lose more than you ever dreamed. It is best to remain safe and keep these passwords at home.

Birth Certificate-

It is also important to travel without your birth certificate. A birth certificate is another sacred document. This piece of paper can get you a social security card. If someone was to gain access to your birth certificate, they could assume your identity and potentially destroy the life you have come to know. Keep your birth certificate in a safe place, at home, potentially with your social security number and other precious documents.


Now, you may be wondering why I mention Passports as something not to travel with. Of course, if you are travelling outside of your home country, you will need a passport, that is a no-brainer. However, you do not need to travel with your passport once you get inside the other country. A pick pocket could take your passport and assume your identity in a blink of an eye. It is best to keep your passport under lock and key or in a safe place while you enjoy the country you are visiting.

Overall, it is important to leave the most previous documents at home. You want to be safe while you travel and come home with money in your bank account and your name intact!
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