4 iPhone Apps To Help You Save Big On Your Next Car Purchase

Buying a car is not a joke. Too many people have bought cars that are not worth the cost, especially now that advertising keeps going a notch higher every other day. Making the most of what you have with your money today involves acquiring reviews, suggestions and feedback from quite a number of friends and family members before doing a purchase. You will still be surprised by how much you need to do before getting the car of your choice.

However, today, we are privileged to have some features to assist us make the best choices for such things as cars. A few years ago, one would wonder how possible it would be to know and compare the best deals in town through a mobile phone. This current age is lucky enough to have apps fit enough to do exactly that. Your iPhone is slowly becoming more than a friend to you today, and these few iPhone apps for buying cars may prove to be just what you need before your next car purchase. They are meant to give you a heads up right from home, where the pressure is not so high.

1. Cars.com
Cars.com is an interesting app, as it searches for the dealerships around your vicinity. You can also narrow down the search to makes and models. The app gives you a preview of three cars that you may desire according to your search criteria to allow you make the best choice among the three. It will also search for both used cars and the newer ones. Cars.com will also give reviews of the models and the dealerships from different sources.

Though there are no photos on the reviews, the app will give you loads of information concerning the handling of the car, it operations and the competitive nature of its sale. Such information is important if you need a stable car. You will also receive a car-loan calculator when you download this app, which seems to be one of the best among the apps available today.

2. The Autotrader iPhone app
This app is also great when you prefer not to physically go to the dealership. It also offers the ability to search for both the used cars and the new ones among private sellers. One of its great advantages is its ability to offer powerful search options for cars in terms of engine types, transmission, body styles, color, and other filter mechanisms. Specific dealers can also be searched for easily through this app. The VIN option found on the lot will give you other options available that are close to the search criterion you have specified. This is great, especially for those times you need to know the asking price for cars that are related to the one you are eying.

3. Edmunds iPhone app
The greatest feature about this app is the fact that it will give you the best negotiating features in a an app. It offers you a preview of the interior and exterior of the cars on sale and gives you information like the year, model, trim level and the make of the car. This will go a long way in giving you space in making the decision. You will also be given information about the prices of similar cars in that location. It also offers the market value for the car for you to compare the two to have a fair price.

4. Kelly Blue Book app
If you would love to know the price of the vehicle you currently have, this app will go a long way in giving you the best information. This is currently one of the best apps for those who would like to do a trade-in. Just by entering the information about your car, you will be given the trade-in price of the car and what the dealer will give in a private sale for the same car. You will also have a few options on the app that will show you changes affecting the price of your car.

The apps that you have can easily give you the information that you need as you go for your next purchase or trade-in as you need not even move out from your house. All you need is your iPhone and an internet connection!
Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Cash 4 Used Cars, dealers who buy used cars for cash .You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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