5 Home Maintenance Apps That Will Help You Deal With Anything

5 Home Maintenance Apps That Will Help You Deal With Anything
If you're a homeowner there are some things you'll need to deal with on a constant basis. You'll need to look after your home whether it's making sure it's secure, fixing small problems before they get worse, or finding professionals who can carry out major renovation projects. You will be able to deal with any of those things easily because of some great apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet. Take a look at some examples I've laid out for you and you'll see how a simple app can change your life.

Photo Measures

Could you tell me how much space is between your living room door without picking up a tape and measuring it? You might think something like that is trivial, but I'm positive you would think differently when you were in a store ready to buy something to put inside your living room. How on earth would you know whether or not it would fit inside? Photo Measures is a simple app that lets you record every important measurement inside your home so you'll be prepared for anything.

Home Sizer

This app is similar to Photo Measures except it comes with a little twist. You'll still be able to measure up everything inside your home, but once you have the measurements you'll be able to use them to work out things like materials you'll need to complete a certain job and the total cost of everything involved. When you're dealing with numbers things tend to get a little complicated, but since this app has a simple interface it's easy to start using straight away.

HomeLogic Total Control

Instead of helping you add new things to your home this app will let you control everything you already have in there. Your heating, lights, audio, alarm system, and a number of other things can be controlled using your phone and since everything will be hooked up to Wi-Fi you'll be able to do it from anywhere. One cool feature is the ability to look through your home security cameras so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe at all times.


Don't be fooled by the name because this isn't some kinky app you would be ashamed to tell your mother about. It's simply a great tool that will teach you everything you need to know about screws. If the doors on your kitchen cabinets are falling off will you know which screws to ask about when you visit the hardware store? Unless you're a tradesman you won't have a clue what you need, so the app will help you pick up the right screws at the first time of asking.

Redbeacon Home Services

There are some jobs you won't be able to do on your own because they're too complex. You might decide to give them a go yourself, but at the end of the day you could end up causing even more damage. That is when you'll need to reach out to professionals and Redbeacon will help you get in touch with someone who can deal with any problem you might have. Just upload a video of your problem and you'll end up getting people giving you quotes and you can choose the best one.

The new way to do things

There is a good chance we'll be using apps to deal with everything in a few years, so you're better getting in on the action now. You must have apps on your phone already so you should know how to use them, but if you've not tested out any home-related apps you should definitely start with these ones.
The author of this article, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Apex. She enjoys trying new things. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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How to Build an Engaging Web Presence for Your Business

How to Build an Engaging Web Presence for Your Business
It's essential for every business to have a strong web presence. This is important for customers who want to connect with and learn about your business as well as for spreading your message. A solid web presence draws in new leads, keeps current customers updated and builds an online community. Here are some critical factors.

Setting Goals
Before going too much further, first take a step back and asking yourself what are the goals for my company. This will affect the markets you reach out to, the content you share online and the light in which you present your brand. Take the time to develop a strategy that will involve building a community, generating new leads and offering information.

Website Base

After assessing your goals and strategy, it is time to focus attention on your base of operations, your website. Your homepage will be the initial contact point for many consumers. A good website will explain your company, product, or service, what it is about and why they should consider you for business. This information has to be provided in a direct manner as customers will make their decisions in a matter of seconds. If they can't find the information they're seeking quickly they will move on.

Content Creation
Many businesses are not keen on maintaining a blog. This is a crucial aspect of maintaining a web presence, however. By consistently updating your blog at a regular rhythm you will attract consumers who will begin to expect regular updates.

Also, by writing on your topic on a continual basis you demonstrate expertise in the area, which will attract attention to your business.

Social Networking
Social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses and companies in connecting with their core audience. As readers may not visit your site regularly, by posting via social network channels you have an opportunity to stay in their awareness while drawing in new interests.

For social media strategy to be the most effective it is important than you have a central hub online. This is the main source from which all of your updates and leads extent outward from. This will be your primary home. Blog updates can be shared and re-posted via the various social network channels.

Stay Safe Online
With services like Global Learning Systems you can protect important business information and networks from being compromises through education on telltale indicators for typical phishing methods.
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When Should a Business Switch to Off-Site Data Storage?

When Should a Business Switch to Off-Site Data Storage?
The majority of businesses today are starting to migrate to online and cloud-based services. Something that can help many businesses is off-site data storage of critical information. The information is stored in a professional data center where it can be accessed remotely at any time by the client. There are several instances when businesses should consider switching to off-site data storage.

Data Volumes Are Increasing

Most businesses today will reach a point where the amount of data stored on in-house systems exceeds the capacity of the infrastructure. This is when businesses should switch to off-site data storage. Increasing in-house storage could require building completely new server rooms. This can be costly especially when trying to meet industry standards. Off-site storage services already have the equipment and staff in place. They can expand data storage space in the future as needed. This is a much simpler and more economical option than growing in-house storage.

Access Is Needed From Multiple Locations
Many in-house data storage systems are completely local and do not provide outside access to information. If a business expands and opens new locations, then sharing data could become problematic. A much better option is to start using an off-site data center. Off-site centers can be accessed from any location through a capable system. Expanding businesses will not need to worry about new information technology infrastructure costs and complexities as the company grows.

Heightened Security Concerns
Any small violation of a storage system or server can cause heightened security concerns within a business. These concerns should be taken very seriously since larger systems become more vulnerable to attacks and breaches. Businesses with concerns about security should start migrating to an off-site storage service like those with MapADataCenter.com. These services can protect data from online threats and real-world threats like fires and floods. This will ensure there is never a catastrophic loss of data.

Backups Are Becoming Problematic
Large and complex data backups can start to strain resources and cause problems for in-house staff. If backups are becoming problematic, then it is time to switch to off-site data storage. Many of these services provide automatic nightly or weekly backups that are performed without any actions from the client. The backups are secure in an off-site location where they cannot be stolen or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Limited Space
One final reason to consider off-site data storage is if space is limited. New employees or growing departments could limit the space available in a building. Maintaining a server room or building a new one is impractical in these situations. Off-site data storage will preserve space and give the business more room to grow.

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4 iPhone Apps To Help You Save Big On Your Next Car Purchase

4 iPhone Apps To Help You Save Big On Your Next Car Purchase
Buying a car is not a joke. Too many people have bought cars that are not worth the cost, especially now that advertising keeps going a notch higher every other day. Making the most of what you have with your money today involves acquiring reviews, suggestions and feedback from quite a number of friends and family members before doing a purchase. You will still be surprised by how much you need to do before getting the car of your choice.

However, today, we are privileged to have some features to assist us make the best choices for such things as cars. A few years ago, one would wonder how possible it would be to know and compare the best deals in town through a mobile phone. This current age is lucky enough to have apps fit enough to do exactly that. Your iPhone is slowly becoming more than a friend to you today, and these few iPhone apps for buying cars may prove to be just what you need before your next car purchase. They are meant to give you a heads up right from home, where the pressure is not so high.

1. Cars.com
Cars.com is an interesting app, as it searches for the dealerships around your vicinity. You can also narrow down the search to makes and models. The app gives you a preview of three cars that you may desire according to your search criteria to allow you make the best choice among the three. It will also search for both used cars and the newer ones. Cars.com will also give reviews of the models and the dealerships from different sources.

Though there are no photos on the reviews, the app will give you loads of information concerning the handling of the car, it operations and the competitive nature of its sale. Such information is important if you need a stable car. You will also receive a car-loan calculator when you download this app, which seems to be one of the best among the apps available today.

2. The Autotrader iPhone app
This app is also great when you prefer not to physically go to the dealership. It also offers the ability to search for both the used cars and the new ones among private sellers. One of its great advantages is its ability to offer powerful search options for cars in terms of engine types, transmission, body styles, color, and other filter mechanisms. Specific dealers can also be searched for easily through this app. The VIN option found on the lot will give you other options available that are close to the search criterion you have specified. This is great, especially for those times you need to know the asking price for cars that are related to the one you are eying.

3. Edmunds iPhone app
The greatest feature about this app is the fact that it will give you the best negotiating features in a an app. It offers you a preview of the interior and exterior of the cars on sale and gives you information like the year, model, trim level and the make of the car. This will go a long way in giving you space in making the decision. You will also be given information about the prices of similar cars in that location. It also offers the market value for the car for you to compare the two to have a fair price.

4. Kelly Blue Book app
If you would love to know the price of the vehicle you currently have, this app will go a long way in giving you the best information. This is currently one of the best apps for those who would like to do a trade-in. Just by entering the information about your car, you will be given the trade-in price of the car and what the dealer will give in a private sale for the same car. You will also have a few options on the app that will show you changes affecting the price of your car.

The apps that you have can easily give you the information that you need as you go for your next purchase or trade-in as you need not even move out from your house. All you need is your iPhone and an internet connection!
Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Cash 4 Used Cars, dealers who buy used cars for cash .You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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How to Create an Environment that Will Help Ace Your Online Classes

How to Create an Environment that Will Help Ace Your Online Classes
Online education has risen dramatically in popularity over the last decade. Whether you are striving for a civil engineering masters degree, an IT certification or a two-year degree in general studies, you can currently obtain almost any degree online.

If you are going to succeed in your online educational pursuits, you need to cultivate an environment that will help you thrive.

Determine the Best Environment for Studying

Students have different needs when it comes to studying, so what works for someone else might not be the best choice for you. Are you more productive in the morning or the evening? Do you prefer silence when studying or is background music helpful? Will you always study in the same place or does a change in environment keep your mind fresh?

Answering these and other questions is a great way to determine your ideal study environment. Once you know what kind of environment you need, you can work hard to create it.

Keep Study Aids Handy
Once you are in the study zone, you do not want to waste time running all over the place to find the supplies that you need. You will save yourself time and make your study time more productive by keeping all of your study aids handy.

If you always study in the same location, you can keep the study aids in that area. If you study in different places, put your supplies in a basket or backpack so that you can easily transport them to another location.

Your computer is your most important study aid when taking online classes. You will also need the power cord for your laptop, your textbook and notebooks and pens for taking notes. If you are taking a math class, you will likely also need a calculator.

Minimize Distractions
You can increase your productivity by having your study environment free from distractions. Since you do most of the work for an online class on your computer, it is easy to be tempted to browse your favorite websites and check your e-mail during study time. There are several programs available for your computer at no charge that will not let you access the Internet for a specified period of time, and these tools can be very helpful if you are having a hard time staying on track.

You lead a busy life, so it is important to make the most of the time you have to complete your online class. Creating a calm study environment will get you on your way to finishing your class and earning your degree.
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5 Items to Travel without to Avoid Identity Theft

5 Items to Travel without to Avoid Identity Theft
Identity theft is more common than one would wish to believe and we should all be prepared and stay on top of our identity to avoid issues. One of worst and most common times to have your identity stolen is when you travel. When traveling, we all carry personal items from our passports to driver’s license and personal checks. It is very important that we carry only the essential items so that we have exactly what we need and a criminal does not have access to any items that could give them our identity. Below are five items that you should never travel with or you will be at great risk for identity theft.

Social Security Card-

One item that you should never travel with is your social security card. Many people, especially men, tend to travel with their social security card. This card is a valuable possession. It has power like no other piece of information you have. With a social security card, you can get an ID, a credit card, a bank account, a loan and so much more. It is essential that you keep your social security card locked up in a safe place, At Home! If you must travel with your social security card for any reason, find out if you can have a copy of your card. Make a copy and destroy it as soon as possible.

Bank Account Information-

It is also important that you do not travel with any bank account information. Bank records, bank account numbers and the like should stay at home. If someone was to get your bank account information, they could set up accounts online and gain access to the cash you have. They could take small amounts over time so you never notice or they could wipe you out entirely. It is important that you keep all bank account information in a safe place. This includes a check book. If you must write a check, carry only one or two in a safe place where it will be least likely to be stolen.

Security Passwords-

It is also important to keep security passwords off your person. Never carry around passwords for your credit card accounts, bank accounts, PayPal, etc. If any of these passwords came into the wrong possession, you could lose more than you ever dreamed. It is best to remain safe and keep these passwords at home.

Birth Certificate-

It is also important to travel without your birth certificate. A birth certificate is another sacred document. This piece of paper can get you a social security card. If someone was to gain access to your birth certificate, they could assume your identity and potentially destroy the life you have come to know. Keep your birth certificate in a safe place, at home, potentially with your social security number and other precious documents.


Now, you may be wondering why I mention Passports as something not to travel with. Of course, if you are travelling outside of your home country, you will need a passport, that is a no-brainer. However, you do not need to travel with your passport once you get inside the other country. A pick pocket could take your passport and assume your identity in a blink of an eye. It is best to keep your passport under lock and key or in a safe place while you enjoy the country you are visiting.

Overall, it is important to leave the most previous documents at home. You want to be safe while you travel and come home with money in your bank account and your name intact!
To know more details please visit Guest door .
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How to Choose the Right Laptop for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Laptop for Your Needs
Choosing the right laptop for your needs has never been a more interesting or complicated choice. The last few years have seen several major overhauls in the laptop market. These changes have led to an even greater variety of choices for laptop buyers. This brief guide will give you the major guidelines you should consider when making your next laptop purchase.

Size and Weight
A laptop’s size and weight are still one of the most important decisions when buying. Laptops are meant to be portable but deliver more power and functionality than a tablet. As tablets become increasingly more powerful and more popular, this has become harder to do, but it has also given rise to a huge range of size options for laptops.

Very small laptops like the Ultrabook weigh in at barely two pounds, but deliver far more computing power than an a tablet. This compact power comes at a very steep price, however. Most highly compact laptops that still have good functionality are priced over $1,200. You have to decide if that extra functionality is worth an additional $400-$600 compared to a tablet.

The Hybrid
The most startling change to laptops is the creation of laptops that act like tablets. These laptops usually have rotatable or even removable touch screens, so they work like tablets, but they are still loaded with Windows programs and laptop functions. The arrival of Windows 8 means that these computers run even more like a tablet than ever before, since the new Windows OS is designed to function more like a mobile OS. These hybrids may be the best bet for the average user that likes the handle of a tablet, but doesn’t want to do all of their work on one.

Work, School or Gaming?
Laptops are far more appropriate for work and school where the tasks are generally less graphically intensive. They can deliver high quality web browsing, word processing, picture management and video, but built-in graphics cards are far inferior to those found in desktops. Having a laptop suitable for gaming demands a far larger system than the average, and cooling is a constant problem with laptops. For the average gamer who is okay running programs on medium graphics, a larger laptop with a decent built-in card will be acceptable. A hardcore gamer should strongly consider not getting a laptop at all because the hardware for performance will ultimately be cheaper on a desktop.

Finally, you will want to choose a brand that is dependable and comes with a good warranty. Laptops are far more prone to damage and breakage than desktops. You will also want to check out experts such as computer support in Columbus to be sure you have a reliable service option available for your laptop.

When you go shopping for you next laptop, always prepare a list of your needs, wants and the price you are willing to pay. Armed with that list and the knowledge in this guide, you will be able to find the perfect laptop for you.

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