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If you're someone who finds themselves on the road often then you'll be familiar with the challenges this can create. While technology in many ways allows us to hit the road and work on the move, it also has a rather unfortunate downside of making us reliant on power points and WiFi spots if we're going to carry on staying productive and remaining in touch. You can actually continue to do your job while driving from spot to spot thanks to e-mail, the cloud and video conferencing technology, but if you don't have access to WiFi or your power runs out this then leaves you stranded and quite possibly gets you into trouble when your boss or your clients can't get hold of you.

The solution? You just need to ensure that you have the right technology with you at all times which you can use to create a more flexible set of conditions for working. Get this right and you'll find you can be considerably more productive and that you're far less likely to get caught out. Read on and we'll take a look at some of the very most useful gadgets, gizmos and software packages for those who like to take their work and their lives on the road for extended periods.

Windows 8.1 Tablets

 When it comes to portability, battery life and convenience, tablets have always had the edge over laptops and computers. Unfortunately what they offer in terms of flexibility though, they somewhat lack in terms of sheer power and productivity. It is possible to work productively on an iPad, it's just a lot more difficult when doing even basic things like opening an e-mail attachment.

Fortunately though there's now a third option that offers you the best of both worlds: Windows 8.1 tablet/slate hybrids. Essentially these are devices running Microsoft's Windows 8.1 operating system that feature a range of flexible form factors that allow you to use them as tablets or as computers. They also feature touchscreens which lets you use them while standing up and much more easily, and tend to have quicker boot times and longer battery lives. The cream of the crop here is the Surface Pro 2 which has an i5 processor, 6 hours of battery life (10 with the impressive 'power cover' accessory), a snap-on keyboard and many other impressive features. For something a little lighter and cheaper you can look at the various atom-processor-powered options, or even some of the 8'' options that can give you full Windows right in your pocket. Throw it in your cargo trailers and you'll have all the computing power you need without sacrificing space or flexibility.

The Galaxy Note 3

If you're looking for the most capable smartphone for someone who wants to stay productive while moving around a lot, then the Galaxy Note 3 is probably the best option for most people. This is a smartphone that has an impressive high-powered processor and a whopping 3GB of memory. It is capable of multitasking by running more than one app on the screen at once, it has a pen for taking notes, and it has a bigger battery than any of the closest competition. That's a lot of features for any phone and puts it almost on par with a computer. You'll also find that the internet tethering comes in handy a lot when you're at a loss trying to find a WiFi spot.

Accessories and Software

Then there are a ton of accessories that can help to make life even easier for the worker who wants to take their job on the road with them. One example would be a solar charger for your phone, a backup battery, a stand and Bluetooth keyboard (to turn your phone into a true mini-computer), a notepad (still the best way to take notes), a Bluetooth headset (for chatting while you drive) and an SD card (for transferring files easily between devices).

Software can meanwhile help you too – particularly cloud software including things like Dropbox (great for dropping your files), Evernote (for taking handy notes) and IFTTT (which will manage a lot of your online accounts without you having to do it yourself).

Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Yucaipa Trailers, well-known dealers of motorcycle trailers. She is passionate about cycling and travelling to exotic places. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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