Is Cloud Computing Catching On?

Businesses have long been seeking ways to cut costs on computer purchases, software purchases, and other workload requirements. Each time there is a new hire, a company often needs to invest in new computers and the software required to help their employees do their jobs effectively. Cloud computing is one of the latest forms of technology used to help improve the efficiency of a company. Most companies have already tried out cloud computing without realizing it. If you use an online email exchange like Hotmail or Gmail, you are using cloud computing. One of the hottest forms of cloud computing is online streaming of television shows and movies. Websites like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix are all growing in popularity as people find they no longer need to hold large DVD collections in their home and can access them on-demand from their account. The great aspect to cloud computing is that you don’t need to have massive amounts of storage on your computer, all the data is stored on the services computer cloud.

Reducing Costs
If you have a digital product that you need to distribute to the customers, using cloud computing is a highly efficient way of doing so. It also helps businesses to juggle workloads easier in data centers, reducing costs by 50% or more based on the number of employees and equipment required. The only thing your customers need to have is the interface software required to access their data in the cloud. This will be the largest investment your company will make in the cloud computing world as you must build one that is easy to understand and easily accessible for the customers. Take a look at the companies that are really paving the way in the cloud computing world like IBM, Apple, and Amazon to get a better understanding of their interface software. Currently, IBM is predicting they will end up with over $7 billion in cloud computing revenue. With potential revenue increases like this, it makes sense why so many companies are starting to see the benefit of cloud computing and why they need to invest in a quality interface for their company.

Building a System
Outsourcing your design to a third-party service is by far the cheapest and most effective way to get started with cloud computing. Large companies like Dell are creating new data centers that are completely focused on cloud computing offerings. Working with a company that understands the requirements for cloud computing, and will be able to easily provide you with the needed services can make a drastic difference in your bottom line, and overall data service offerings to the customers. The next step after building a quality system is to work on marketing and branding. Check out the unique offerings for trusted companies like Agency Fusion in Utah to get an idea of how they can build a marketing program to announce new cloud computing services to your customers.

Winning the Customer
While cloud computing is growing, one area of concern is related to the security of the system. Customers need to know that their information will be safe and protected. With online fraud problems on the rise, investing in a secure system is essential to launching your new cloud computing software program. Just like any new product, cloud computing is something that will take some getting used to for many businesses. However, if we have learned anything from the success of Amazon and Netflix, it is the way of the future. Cloud computing provides the customers with convenience. Companies can use it to reach out to their customers through online chatting functions, which drastically helps to improve relationships between customer service agents and the customers. No longer will the customers need to sit on automated phone calls for several minutes before they are finally able to receive the support they need. If you want to show your customers you are ready to move with the future, you need to jump into the world of cloud computing.

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