Five Huge Mistakes People Make Online When on the Job Hunt

The job market is challenging at every level, and maintaining a presence online is critical while a person is searching for a new position. When done properly it is a great networking tool, but when done wrong, it can take someone out of the running very quickly. The biggest mistakes people make in online job hunting are outlined below.

Being Inappropriate
The social media age has brought the opportunity to share life moments, and nearly everyone has a Twitter or Facebook account. While it may not seem fair, these profiles will most likely be scrutinized during a job hunt. Photos, comments and lifestyle choices that are deemed inappropriate can cause a candidate to be dropped from consideration.

Too Many Profiles
Placing too many incomplete profiles across social media does not impress prospective employers. Best practice is have a single, well-done profile displayed on two or three networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Hiring managers looking to fill sales jobs in the medical field will have an easier time targeting candidates this way.

Being Too Private
Hunting for a new job while still employed can be tricky, and many people try to keep it quiet. The searcher can take a subtle approach to this issue by simply changing status on LinkedIn to let recruiters and hiring managers know they are open to possibilities. A job hunter can also let a prospective employer know of their interest by discussing company culture and how they might fit into it.

Too Many Connections
Many job seekers tend to make as many connections as possible on networking sites, thinking it will get them closer to that new job. In reality, the quality of connections is more important than the number. Recruiters will often contact a person in a target's network to find out more about them, and it is better that the information comes from a trusted source.

Only Looking Online
With many people being either under-employed or not working at all, employers are receiving large numbers of applications for any position that becomes available. This has led to jobs not being posted publically, which means those who search online exclusively are missing opportunities. Going out to network in-person can open the door to higher-level positions that may be on offer only from recruiters.

Above are the tips above can help online job seekers avoid pitfalls and gain the position of their dreams.

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