EMCO Remote Installer V 4.1 Review

Would you be comfortable visiting every machine located on local network and install applications manually? Obviously not!! For support professionals and network administrators, there is always a need of handy tool that can automate the whole task by allowing them to remotely deploy applications on almost any computer they wish.
These tools are useful in performing silent installation or un-installation over client machine even without needing any intervention. It’ll make you free from going through series of installation wizard to install any particular application. Instead, it automatically install EXE setup or MSI packages and makes the computer ready to use application instantly.

Application overview
EMCO Remote Installer developed by EMCO Software is designed to make remote software deployment not only easier but faster too. It can also collect information about preinstalled applications on the client computer and later, helps you to install, uninstall or repair it even while sitting at one place.

The application is available in two versions: free and professional. Free version will supports up to 5 PCs only. Whereas, professional version will unblock the full application capability and lets you perform install, uninstall or repair procedure on almost any number of PCs. You can find more in depth information about the product here: http://emcosoftware.com/remote-installer 

It supports all the latest Windows OS including Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. You can download this application from its official website and follow simple steps to install it on your computer.

Note: You’ll need to perform some basic tasks before going for application deployment. Please check and make sure that the right edition of EMCO remote installer you’re using (Free or Professional), all the networked computers are connected properly and port were open before deploying applications and lastly, the targeted application needs to support silent installation.
  • The tool is capable to install applications on any or selected group of PCs over network. Again, this capability is limited to 5 PCs if you’re using free edition. Consider choosing professional edition if you’ve pretty large number of PCs, say hundreds or thousands.
  • You’ve flexibility to install EXE, MSI or MSP packages on computer connected to network. Installations were performed in silent mode even while checking the integrity of targeted computer so they won’t file system and registries and increases new vulnerabilities.
  • Software installations on dynamic group of remote PCs.
  • EMCO Remote Installer can install multiple applications concurrently on remote PCs. Choose applications order to being installed on the targeted computer, all in one step.
  • This tool offers flexibility to preconfigure set of installation tasks along with a list of remote PCs where applications need to be installed. After which, all you’ve to do is just one click all the installation task will be done for you.
  • Ability to schedule application installation at any specific time duration. It can be done for single or multiple installations.
  • Perform application uninstallation from single or multiple remote PCs, all at once.
  • Applications needs to be repaired after certain time duration as it may ran into problems or due to registry corruption. This tool is capable to repair applications from targeted PC over network. Again, you can repair applications installed on multiple computers all at once.
  • Get insight information about updates of installed applications on remote computer. The tool will flash vital information about installed applications like name, version, manufacturer, supports OS, specs and requirements etc. Later, you can export all the information into files to have the latest copy of software and later, install updated copy of application on every targeted computer over network.
The software has inbuilt capabilities and features to address all your needs of virtualizing application installation procedure. EMCO Remote Installer is 100% safe and awarded and strongly recommended by tech magazines.

The application can and will perform well on software inventory activities too and make the most complicated tasks lot easier. You’re free to try and explore all its premium features at no cost. You’ll have very slim budget if your requirements are high or have pretty large number of PCs in your organization.

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