Apple vs Everyone else - What 2014 Has in Store for Us

Another year means another Apple smartphone and tablet. Apple has a tendency to be very secretive about their latest devices. The fact that the iPhone 5S was going to have a fingerprint scanner leaked fairly early on last year. With that being said, that's a fairly hard secret to keep. Apple isn't letting anything slip about the next slew of iOS devices. Here's what Apple may have in store for us in the year 2014.
Two Sided Display on 2014 Macbook Air
There have been a few leaks about the next installment of the popular Macbook Air series. Rumor has it, Apple has patented a two-sided display for the new laptop. There's a possibility that the 2014 Macbook Air will come with a two-sided display. One "normal" display, and the one on the back for rear-touch input. Think of the back touchscreen on the PS Vita.
Larger iPhone
Smartphones are getting bigger. Some of the most popular Android devices are well over 4.7 inches. The size of the iPhone 5 was met with a mixed reception. While most people commended Apple for finally giving their flagship phone a larger display, others noted that four inches is still extremely small for a smartphone. Bigger smartphones seem to be more popular. Rumors have been spinning that the next iPhone was going to jump to a five inch display. However, that seems like a pretty huge jump. A lot of fans of iPhone also like the small size compared to Android phones. Either way protecting you phone will still be paramount so Apple iPhone covers will always be in demand.
The iPhone Will Have Different Sized Displays
In order to avoid alienating their market, some have rumored that the next iPhone would come in different display sizes. This would be a great idea for two groups: 1. Those who might want to switch to iOS from Android, but like having the big screen that's so common in Android devices. 2. iPhone fans that prefer the more compact size of the iPhone. This would satisfy both types of users and probably grow Apple's iPhone user base by a pretty decent margin.
More than One Flagship
Over the years, Apple has been releasing one flagship smartphone every year. However, that all changed last year with the iPhone 5C. It seems unlikely that Apple is just going to abandon this idea. They clearly see the success of Samsung, that releases a slew of smartphones throughout the year, and Apple may try to replicate this success with releasing more than one flagship phone and start to diversify.
All in all, most of these possibilities are just rumors. Nothing concrete has been leaked about any of the upcoming Apple products. With that being said, a lot of these ideas make sense and it would probably be best for Apple to use some of these ideas in the future. Who really knows though?

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