Amazing Rom Downloads for Android That You Can Enjoy On Your Next Journey

As an Android fan I can list a large number of things I think make it the better mobile platform when compared with iOS. That's familiar territory though and we've all heard these arguments a hundred times, so rather than going down that road again, I'll list a few useful downloads that you can enjoy on a long journey – on Android only – and let them do the talking for me.

On a long journey you want something that can engross you and keep you entertained, and that means you want high quality media entertainment.

Games are ideal for this, but the problem with mobile games is that they're designed to be 'pick up and play' type experiences that you can dip in and out of: they're not intended for long sessions of gaming that last for several hours on a car journey to the airport for example.

But this is where Android has the edge. You see on Android you can download emulators that will let you play a number of games designed for home consoles and even PCs. That's right: you can play games that were designed to be enjoyed in long sittings, that were crafted by teams of companies, and that have become classics throughout the years. Best of all, these games are completely free, and there's no legal problem with playing them as long as you own the original cartridge or disk.

So if you can think of a game you used to love as a kid, there's nothing to stop you now from going ahead and enjoying that game on your phone or tablet next time you're stuck in the car. Here are some of the best games you can get up and running on Android devices…


Half Life

Let's start off with a surprise one that will leave many people with open jaws. That's right: you can play the original Half Life on Android. How you ask? Simply by using the handy DOS emulator known as DosBox. This will let you install the original Half Life game on your Android device, and as long as you have some decent specs, it should run at decent speed. You may want a controller though.

Mario 64

Here's another incredible classic you can enjoy easily on most Android devices. With an N64 emulator this one will run surprisingly smoothly and it's still just as impressive to explore the Pincess' Castle and collect the stars as it ever was.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

And while we're talking about N64 classics you should definitely get back to Hyrule for a bit of exploration and some real in-depth gameplay that will last you for even the longest drives...

Sonic Adventure

If you were never a Nintendo kid when you were growing up, then you may understandably not have access to Mario or Zelda or may just not be interested. Why not install a Dreamcast emulator then and enjoy some Sonic Adventure instead? That's right, incredibly you can play Sonic Adventure in its original form and it's still just as much goofy fun and high-packed action as it ever was.


Shenmue was the ultimate in ambitious game titles when it first came out, with more to do and explore than any other game, a full orchestral score and amazing attention to detail. Well turns out that it stands up pretty well even today and will give you hours and hours of gaming that really sucks you into its immersive world. This is the kind of game that will just seem unreal when running on Android. You won't want to get out even when you reach the airport parking.


Symphony of the Night: Just to make sure that Sony get a fair look in as well, Castlevania is one of the most incredible RPG/action/platform games ever created. The animation is stunning, the exploration is absorbing and the gameplay is addictive. This is a classic that's definitely worth dipping back into.

Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger who is a part of the team at Park N Jet, a company offering airport parking services in Seattle, WA. She enjoys taking her family on vacations. You can catch up with her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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