Top Uses For Tablets In Your Business

Tablets have a great many advantages for businesses over regular computers and there are plenty of very good reasons to use them as well as or even instead of larger, more traditional machines.
If you currently aren't making use of tablets in your business though, then it may be because you don't know just what they can be useful for. There are plenty of ways that tablets could probably fit into your workflow, but until you discover them they may not be obvious or forthcoming. Read on to discover some of the many applications for tablets in your business.


If you work in an office then believe it or not tablets these days can make full replacements for desktop computers. This is particularly true for the new breed of Windows 8.1 'hybrid' tablets and slates, which can convert from tablets to laptops through a range of transformations. These devices run full Windows and that includes all the 'legacy' software you might use in your organisation. At the same time though, they also sport lightweight form-factors, touchscreens and long battery lives (and often support stylus input too). This allows for convenient 'upright' use and a much more casual way of working.
Even if you go for an Android or iPad, there are now so many apps available in their respective stores that most of your productivity needs will be met – from web design, to word processing, to accounting.

Lighter-weight tablets like Androids and iPads on the other hand are still cheaper and lighter compared with their Windows 8 counterparts which makes them more useful for working on the go and in a range of environments. Many companies then will now hand out these kinds of tablets to be used as notepads and communication tools for workers on-site. If you are a construction business for instance but you want your staff to occasionally update a spreadsheet on the cloud, then an iPad can be the perfect tool for doing that while also allowing your staff to stay in touch via e-mail. The Galaxy Note 10 can even be used to let customers sign-off your work or packages.

Want a funky way to display information in your store or office? Then why not consider using an iPad to show a slideshow of today's specials or of your top products? It's a much more elegant and high-tech way to display information than using a chalkboard that will make your products or food look much more inviting and that will be far quicker and easier to update.

POS Systems
Point of Sales systems were once gigantic heavy tills until they were replaced by PCs that were attached to a till. Today they're getting even more practical as iPad software takes over. Mount an iPad into your desk and hide a cash-drawer somewhere and you can now completely remove that hulking piece of equipment that was blocking you from being able to see your customers and interact with them naturally. This is also a much more impressive, clean and practical way to take payments and will impress any of your customers.

You can't very well use a laptop to give a presentation unless you have a projector as the keyboard creates too much of a 'barrier' between your audience and your screen. Instead then, you could consider using a tablet with a kickstand or carry case and even hand it around your meeting for people to inspect up close. It can be brought to tradeshows and handed to clients and generally will provide a much more intimate and intuitive way to show information.

Self Checkout Kiosks
iPads can even replace self-checkout kiosks with the right software and hardware which will allow your customers to pay for their own items. This is a much cheaper way for you to provide this facility which will speed-up your turnover allowing you to provide a better experience for your customers (without the queuing) and to at the same time serve more buyers thus improving your profits. You can even hire fewer members of staff if this works well thus reducing your overheads.

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Aireus, leading providers of POS software for restaurants. She is brilliant with software and enjoys experimenting and reviewing the latest technological advancements. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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