Tips and Advices to Keep Your Bicycle Safe Using Modern Equipments and Tools

Loosing equipments is the most painful experience and unfortunately, we hardly get them back if once stolen. However, instead of feeling this pain you could take some safety measures and use modern equipments to keep your favorite bike or bicycle safe anywhere.

We had combined some useful tips and advices based on the experience about how user might lose their bicycle even after taking all the safety measures and how they can avoid losing it again in future.

Some Important Figures and Facts:
  1. Around 15,000 Bicycles were stolen in UK in the year 2013. 
  2. Thief and eavesdropper already have an idea about most of your security or safety measures and 99% they get success in breaking it. 
  3. Using help of some modern bicycle storage equipments and accessories, we prevent almost 60% or above theft cases. 
Tips to avoid losing your bicycle:

# Use Quality Bicycle Storage

Quality bike storage or bicycle storage have very slim chances of getting your parked bike to be take away by thief. Different bike storing equipments like bike shelters, bike racks, bike stands, cycle lockers etc. were available for shop owners or offices to give their visitor a pleasant experience of safely storing their bikes and feels relaxed even when they were not around.

# Alarms and Immobilisers
To ensure your bike safety and reduce insurance premium, use authorized bike alarms immobilizer which detects thief easily and inform you before somebody take away your bike.

# Get Quality Motorbike Locks
Don’t hesitate to spend some money in buying good quality locks for your motorbike as the better your motorbike locking system, the better safety of your bike. Thief can’t get easily success on powerful locks and don’t ever dare to touch bikes with such locks.

With some basic measures and safety tips, you could avoid most of the bike theft cases. So it’s all up to you to take those measures in consideration and or allow thief to take away your bikes and sell them in pieces.

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