Most Luxurious Car Gadgets

There are just some things that are always a constant in life; the pursuit of luxury happens to be one of those things, especially when it comes to automobiles. Today’s luxury rides demand equally luxurious accessories - accessories that are far beyond the average cup holder or navigation system that you’d find in most ordinary cars.
If you think luxury cars are passé in a weak economy, you’d be sorely mistaken. In fact, luxury car sales are surging ahead for late 2013, with Mercedes-Benz tallying up a nearly 2,500-unit lead over BMW for a total of 215,056 vehicles, according to Forbes. Drivetime auto loans in Denver might be out of the question for cars like the Bentley Mulsanne, but you’re sure to find an affordable deal with reasonable rates on a broad range of luxury vehicles.

Leather-lined Wooden iPod Drawer

Found in: Bentley Mulsanne

In the Bentley Mulsanne, even common music players like the iPod get to ride in supreme luxury. The twin-turbocharged flagship offers a leather-lined wooden drawer situated in the center of the dashboard that easily accommodates iPods and other similar gadgets. In most other cars, you're lucky if you even get an iPod cable coming from somewhere on the dashboard, let alone a dedicated port somewhere in the center console.

Teflon-Lined Door Umbrellas

Found in: Rolls-Royce Ghost

The Ghost may be considered the entry-level Rolls, but it's still packed with plenty of luxurious gadgets and features that are a cut above most other luxury vehicles. If you happen to get caught in the rain while riding in your Ghost, you can rest assured knowing that a pair of full-size golf umbrellas reside within the sills of each front door. The umbrellas emerge from their storage place with just the push of a button, allowing you or your chauffeur to enjoy Teflon-lined protection from the elements. As an added bonus, the storage compartments have built-in drains to carry away any leftover water, leaving the umbrellas nice and dry for next time.

Emotional Control Unit

Found in: Aston Martin V12 Vantage S and other models

Instead of an ordinary keyless entry fob, each Aston Martin comes with an “Emotional Control Unit,” a special key fob decked out in stainless steel and piano black trim topped with a polished sapphire crystal. According to Aston Martin, the ECU is also linked to its “Easy-Start” ignition system which lets you fire up the Aston without depressing the unit. But be warned – not only is it a notoriously slippery device to handle, but losing it could put a $1,500 dent in your wallet.

Pop-up Dash Speakers

Found in: Most Audi models

Audi turned to Bang & Olufsen to develop its advanced 1000-watt 14-speaker sound system. It’s not just the fact that each speaker is driven by its own amplifier that’s worth noting. The high-end B&O sound system also features “acoustic lenses” – 180-degree tweeters that automatically pop up from the A-pillar whenever the stereo’s on and retreat from view when turned off. The Advanced Sound System is a $5,900 option on the S7 and other select Audi models, according to information from Audi.

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