Turn Your New Office Into A High Tech Business Hub With These Kickstarter Projects

Just imagine, you have waited the best part of a year to finally move into those plush new offices and instead of sharing your joy and optimism for the future, your workforce seem a little jaded. You can’t figure out why this has happened but you really need a quick fix before their work becomes affected in a bad way. If this scene seems familiar to you, maybe you can introduce a little technical wizardry into the scheme of things. Your workforce has always done right by you and now is your chance to give something back. We’re not talking about a box of chocolates each or even an extra day off, this is far more productive. We’ve got a pair of Kickstarter projects that may just put that spring back into your employees’ steps again !

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Twine: Listen to your world, talk to the Internet 

If you run a busy office, how difficult is it for your employees to multitask effectively? Nowadays we put so much pressure on our workforce regarding dealing with media related tasks that it is no wonder so many of them complain about the associated stress. Twine is all about managing these issues and bringing them to your attention in a rather ingenious way. Essentially, it is a 2.5 square inch product that provides WiFi connectivity plus internal and external sensors all provided by 2 AAA batteries. It is integrated to a bespoke Cloud service and sits between you and your internet related tasks. In order to kick things off, you have to set up the appropriate triggers on the installable application and you’ll soon be up and running. Your Twine also has a set of sensors that deal with temperature, internal accelerometer, moisture and a magnetic switch function. Once you’ve installed Twine, you can play around with these sensors to set up your own automated response actions. Check out the link for more options and we are sure your ingenious workforce would absolutely love the chance to get Twine up and running in your office!

myIDkey: Passwords at the tip of your finger


Our second Kickstarter project is all about security and we know how important that is in the modern workplace. myIDkey is a voice activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth/USB drive that manages your personal passwords online and remotely. All of this functionality in such a small package is pretty hard to fathom and we are still trying to come to terms with it. The device itself is very easy to manipulate and with the fingerprint/voice combination feature, your staff will feel very secure about their private code details. If you are interested in more of the bespoke features please check out the link, we are 100% sure that you’ll soon be placing an order of your very own!

More Tech?

If these 2 beauties have whetted your appetite and you are thinking of looking into some more technical based applications and products, feel free to have a look at this link http://www.techie-world.org/

As well as learning about the latest releases in the world of IT based technology, you will be able to keep abreast of all of the news by reading some awesome blogs and guest reviews. We love this site and believe that every IT savvy employer and employee will certainly agree!

Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger who often writes for Office Move Pro, a Canada based company having over 50 years of experience in relocations, installations and project management. She enjoys travelling and spending time with her family. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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