Give Your Home Design the Way You Want Using Granny Annex

We always want to give our home a new decoration and design that pleases everyone, weather neighbor or our relatives. However, managing all this for oneself can be crucial and time consuming with no concise results. That’s why, Granny Annex can leaves much pressure from your mind with a sense of everything going perfect and your home, garden, bedroom or living area will become much alive.

No one wants to invest time and money every time to make their homes look more attractive or at least don’t looks old at all. With rapidly increasing costs of redefining decorations of garden or bedroom area, Granny annex provides cost efficient solution while addressing all your needs. It’ll try and make sure that all the spaces has been fitted accurately and gives maximum possible furnishing in as low cost as possible.

Moreover, families living in granny annex home, garden or bathroom will never feel different than their very own home or garden.


Giving some extra space for living to your family members won’t go unnoticed. Your family may feel free and even better, can utilize it for some better purpose. The best thing is, you can now have some extra space with Hudson Granny Annex at attractive packages. There are mainly three types of granny annex services will be provided by Hudson Garden rooms: Multiple bedrooms, En-suite functions or a fully fitted kitchen.

Benefits of Using Granny Annex:
  • Perfect solution for outstanding garden decorations like your very own bedrooms.
  • Cost effective way to manage to empty spaces at your home
  • Follow all the planning permission agencies guidelines.
  • A great way to make happy your loved ones while keeping an spy eye on them even without taking them in your main bedroom or home space.
  • Extensive guaranteed duration, say 15 or 20 years for which Granny annex will be responsible to decorate, maintain or renovate any problems arisen during that period.
If you ever want to make your relatives not so far and always close around your home, use Granny Annex to utilizes some free space and makes it useful for such living purpose.

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