Top 5 Apps For A Better Internet TV Viewing Experience

If the Internet could be used to distribute music, videos, documents, and various files all over the world, why can’t it be used to distribute TV content? Fortunately, Internet TV has been invented today. In the past, people spend more time in front of their computers than in front of their television screens. This is because most of the fun shows and movies are available in the Internet and they could be accessed with a computer. But today, people could watch movies and TV shows from the Internet via television.

There are so many households these days that enjoy Internet TV. You might be one of them and you might be having the time of your life whenever you use your Internet TV. But did you know that there are a lot of smartphone apps which could be used to enhance you TV-viewing experience? There are so many applications made these days and there is almost an app for everything. That is why you should not be surprised if there are apps that could help you enjoy your Internet TV even better. Here are the top 5 examples of those apps:


Most Internet TV subscription services lets you have access to Netflix. It is the leading subscription service in the world for watching movies and TV shows. There is the Netflix mobile application that lets you watch the movies on your smartphone. You could get the app for free once you sign up for a Netflix membership. The application is loved by a lot of users. It offers a brand new menu that is easier to navigate through as well as an enhanced second screen experience. It requires Android 2.2. or higher.


Another application to consider for a better Netflix viewing experience is iPhlix. It lets you have full control over your movie queue. Also, you could filter movie searches as well as search for various actors and movie directors.It is unavoidable to have more than one Netflix profiles especially if you have a household that really loves to watch movies. Well, the good thing about iPhlix is that it could let you manage as many accounts as you want to. IPhlix is available for both the iPhone and the iPad.


Not sure which movie to watch with your TV? Never fret. The dilemma on which movie to watch is very common. It is a good thing that there are apps that could help you with your problem. One of those apps is Vidora. It could help you know about the videos which are being streamed online and not just the movies in the limited TV channels your Internet TV service provider offers. Vidora can also be helpful especially if you have just obtained your Internet TV and you do not know from which channels you could watch interesting shows from. It is currently available for the iPad and will soon be available for other platforms.

 XBMC Remote

One problem that a lot of TV viewers always experience is losing the remote control. Well, you do not have to waste a lot of time looking for that missing remote control. You could always download an app to make your smartphone a TV remote. There are a lot of apps out there for such a function and one of them is the XBMC Remote. It can be used by both Android and iOS users.


If you want to turn your smartphone into a remote and not just a TV remote, you could always download iRule. This app could make your smartphone an instant universal remote. It could control various appliances as well as the lighting fixtures that could be connected to through the Internet. It is definitely a must-download if you have a lot of gadgets and gizmos inside your home. It is available for both the Android and iOS series.


To end this list is the app known as Instantwatcher. This application could arrange all of the Netflix movies alphabetically or by movie genre as well as sub-genre. You could also enjoy other filter options for your search such as video quality, critic rating, year of release, and a whole lot more. You would also be able to read about the reviews given by Netflix users for any movie.
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