What Should You Do If Your Laptop Gets a Dreaded Virus?

We all rely so heavily on our laptops, PCs, tablets and smart phones - computers are such a way of life these days that it can be impossible to imagine life without them. We rely on them to answer emails, keep abreast of current affairs, play games, learn new skills – the list is endless. When something goes wrong with our computers it can be nothing short of a disaster – so you need to act quickly in order to get yours repaired as soon as possible. If your computer is infected with a virus then you need to face the problem head-on as soon as possible in order to stop things getting worse. In this article we are going to tell you what to do if your laptop gets infected with a virus. Read on for more information:

Run Your Antivirus Scan


If you suspect that your laptop has been infected with a virus, then you need to run your antivirus program’s scan function as soon as possible. This may take some time, but it will probably pick out anything that you need to know about and advise you how to fix it. Some people don’t have antivirus installed at all, or they do but it is not functioning properly. These people are highly at risk of getting viruses – but they learn their lesson fast! Follow the instructions that your antivirus software gives you, reboot and see if that fixes the problem. If you are lucky, you may just have gotten away with it.

Ask a Friend to Have a Look

If you don’t feel like you can solve the problem by yourself, then it’s time to ask someone to have a look at your laptop for you. Many people have friends who know a little about computers – so if you can think of anybody that may be able to help, give them a call and ask them what they’d recommend. Follow their instructions and see if you get anywhere with that. Failing that, it looks like you are going to need to pay for some help!

Call In the Experts


If a virus has really taken hold in your laptop, then you need to seek the services of an IT support company. Take your computer in, tell them what has happened including any error messages that you have seen, and also tell them what you have tried to date in order to fix it. They will need to know this so that they can take it into account when they are performing their repairs. You may need to leave your computer with them for a while – so be prepared to live without it for a few days. Hopefully, with any luck they will be able to remove the virus and get you back up and running again.

No computer is safe from the risk of the virus – so the best thing that you can possibly do to protect yourself is to perform regular backups of all of your documents. At least this way, should your hard drive need to be completely wiped you will still be able to retain your important information.

Shruti Vaghe, the author of this article is a freelance blogger. She likes to cook and read in her spare time.You can also follow her on twitter @ShrutiVaghe.

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