Top Reasons That Microsoft is Better Than Google

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It has long been 'cool' to hate Microsoft, and it seems that the web at large will jump at any chance to attack Redmond for any of its companies. Partly this is simply due to Microsoft's success: people like to route for the 'underdog' and by extension they tend to turn a bit against the company/person who seems to be on top.

But as a result of this, it's probably fair to say that Microsoft is no longer 'on top' in every sense, and in many cases they now are the underdog. Compared to a company like Google, Microsoft's online presence is relatively humble and products like Hotmail and Bing are constantly being beaten by Gmail and Google Search. At the same time, in many ways Google is acting like the big evil corporation that it promised never to become. There are countless examples of ways in which Google has hurt its users and the web as a whole - seemingly just so that they can chase profits.

So the purpose of this article is to try and get you to rethink this dynamic. Read on for a few good arguments for Microsoft over Google as the company to route for.

Bing is Beautiful:

                     Bing Search Bar

If you have ever tried out Bing then one thing will have struck you right away - it looks stunning. Those big images look glorious on a decent display and can really brighten your morning compared to the stark look of Google as a homepage.

And Better in Some Ways:


And while Google might be better as a whole when compared to Bing, there are cases when Bing actually yields better results. For instance when Google's 'semantic search' gets in the way, or when you want an up-to-date result including Tweets. Microsoft is gaining…

Hotmail is Ads Free:

                Google Office

Okay so it's not 'ads free' completely, but one thing it doesn't do is to stuff ads right into your inbox which Google has started doing. After introducing those annoying 'Social' and 'Promotional' labels to our inboxes, Google thought it had free reign to start putting adverts inside our inboxes as though they were emails from people. And quite frankly, it feels like a betrayal.


                                       Microsoft Privacy

People joke about the new Kinect being 'big brother', but really Microsoft have given us no reason not to trust them. On the other hand, Google is now talking about using our images to promote products - something that Facebook was sued for last they tried it.

Microsoft Makes Awesome Products: Another great reason to back Microsoft is that they build awesome products - while Google's are often rough around the edges to be generous (take a look at Google Wallet and tell me that's a good UI…). The Surface is a cool machine no doubt, and the Xbox is ace too - but it's clear that Microsoft has more up their sleeve and they aren't afraid to innovate. Take the 'IllumiRoom' concept for instance - now if that's not a cool idea I'm not sure what is. So back Microsoft - because they might just take us into the future.
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