Product Review – Network Inventory Advisor from ClearApps

Large IT organizations may have running multiple Mac computers over their network and gone through rough time while keeping track of all the crucial information about their Mac computers like running software, detailed hardware specs, startup items etc.

There were tools like Apple’s itself remote desktop app, provides capability to explore real time information about your Macs and help you creating detailed reports of all the connected Mac computers, providing remote assistance & auto updating the installed apps. Though, information provided by Apple’s remote desktop app is very limited and may not help Macs technician to deeply analyze the changes in Mac since the successful run.

Network Inventory Adviser from ClearApps is a perfect reporting tool for your Mac OS X that keeps track of all Mac connected over network in large or small IT organizations. Network administrators can really take out the clear view of each and every Mac on a network with all the basic information they’ll need to troubleshoot Mac computers in cases of failure or inaccessibility.

How it Works?
Just download this software from official website on Your Master Mac computer and install it as you do with other Mac applications. Initiate the first scan on your network using Network inventory advisor which collects all the information about installed software and hardware present on all Mac computer in native network. The report generated by the software will include details about all the connected devices over network, CPU details, network configurations, power settings, inbuilt memory, hard drive capacity and bunch of other crucial information which helps network administrator to check last successful running of Mac with installed applications and therefore easily rollback the changes and bring everything back to normal.

You can easily export all the information in web forms or in PDF format for distributing or sharing with higher management team.

Before begin using the software, you’ll require some basic information to get everything on track and analyze connected Mac computers such as specific administrator account setup on the targeted Macs, standard naming system to pin point every connected Mac over large network. Network inventory advisor have full proof security measures to prevent unauthorized access and altering crucial information.
The app also allows you to specify logins for each Mac connected over network.
Note: Network Inventory Advisor will run only on the latest Mac OS X computers.

Final Thoughts
Mac computer problems can be complex and requires series of steps to troubleshoot. However, having previous records of machine software and hardware could make this task lighter and effortless.

Network Inventory advisor is free for home users or for small networks having over 10 Mac computers. After that, a minimal fee will be charged and costs will be reduced if the large number of Mac computers in your network such as $45 for 25 Macs, $85 for 50 Macs, $345 for up to 500 Mac computers. Moreover, if you’re running large organization there is unlimited plan of $495 to handle unlimited Mac computers on your network.

If you’ve any specific requirements, kindly refer to Pricing details page of Network Inventory Advisory.

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