Three Fun Mobile Apps That Experiment With Augmented Reality


Over the past few years, mobile technology has come full-circle as we now are able to do most things that were once reserved for traditional computing from our mobile phones. Even just ten years ago, this was unheard of and even basic functions of modern smartphones would have been difficult – if not impossible – from the average mobile phone at the time. Dozens of new concepts have emerged as a result of the increased power of phones, with mobile applications being the prime facilitator of this trend. One interesting area in the world of mobile applications is the use of augmented reality and its implications for the future of mobile applications at-large. In the following article, we will explore three mobile applications that each experiment with augmented reality and help us imagine what the future of this technology will look like.


The biggest current advantage to augmented reality is the option that it presents for users to interact with three dimensional objects in the “real world”. Our smartphone cameras allow us to see the world around us and then – through certain augmented reality apps – add layers on top of that, much like we would do in a program such as Google Earth or Photoshop. The Augment application for Android and Apple devices helps users visualise any type of 3D model through its interface and see how that would appear in real life. Custom models can be added or you can browse thousands of existing 3D models that are included. Salespeople, engineers and home owners alike can all benefit from augmented reality when it comes to product selection, design and creation – download Augment today for free from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

GWR2013 Augmented Reality

Some products and services have already begun using augmented reality as a way to offer bonus content or an aesthetic touch to their appeal. In the case of the Guinness World Records book series, their 2013 edition includes the GWR2013 Augmented Reality as a bonus way to enjoy its content. While it only works with the book, the dozens of interactive sections and animations help users enjoy various world records through the eyes of augmented reality. Whether it is getting up close and personal with a 20-centimetre spider or seeing the world’s smallest human in your living room, the fun features of this augmented reality app make it ideal for owners of the book – and another great example of what augmented reality can offer.

Augmented Reality Solar System

Perfect for children and science geeks, the Augmented Reality Solar System app for Android devices helps users visualise the dynamics of the Solar System at work. The movements, size and positioning of each planet is derived directly from scientific data to ensure proper dimensions, while the app can be used to quickly zoom in and inspect any major body in the Solar System – detailed statistics and information will appear for each body once tapped. Teachers and parents alike can benefit from this app as a completely free alternative to posters and books that outline the same concepts in less efficient manners.

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